Chunho Food Steps Forth to Have Chinese Taste Their Products
[ Joshua 2009-10-22 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Chunho Food (Representative Ju Hwan-su,, a company that produces high-quality health food will participate in the Trade Promotion Mission for China dispatched by the Gangnam District Office from October 26 to 31.

Chunho Food is a company that has put to the market 160 kinds of health food, including whole garlic juice and grape sugar, with a 20 percent annual growth rate. It expects to reach KRW 80 billion in sales this year alone.

"Chunho Whole Garlic Juice 100 Premium" is a representative health food of Chunho Food. This product is a health food developed by Chunho Food with patented technology and is made of garlic known to be good for recovering from tiredness, preventing blood clots, enhancing immunity, preventing ageing and effective for heart attacks. It has the nutrition of 12 garlic cloves in one pack without the spiciness.

One can drink right out only by opening the cap, making it highly portable and popular as a high-quality health food.

A Chunho Food representative said, "We take care ourselves from production to distribution that we got rid of the margin and maintain the quality. Also, the repurchase rate of the product was over 83.7 percent as of September 23."

Representative Ju Hwan-su of Chunho Food said, "The middle- to high-class of the Chinese market began to pay attention to food safety since the food scandal in 2003. The current economic crisis is stimulating the Chinese demand market that the situation is getting better."

He continued, "The response last fall at the Jangchun Exhibition was good that we bagan to attack the Chinese market at full swing." He said, "In the case of Shanghai, we will have a shop in Yao Han and Jiuguang Department Stores starting next month and we plan to sell in the nearest future in department stores in Beijing, Tianjin, and Woohan."

Chunho Food began to sell the product at convenient stores since August and has expanded its distribution network, approaching clients as a familiar health food.

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