Shinji Foodpia "To March into the World with Korean Rice of Large Gemmule"
[ Joshua 2009-10-21 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Shinji Foodpia (Representative Jeong Yu-geun, will participate in the Trade Promotion Mission for China dispatched by the Gangnam District Office from October 26 to 31.

The product Shinji Foodpia is putting forth at the mission in China is "Whole Rice with Large Gemmule" produced using eco-friendly farming methods in Gosam, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi Province.

The Whole Rice with Large Gemmule a high-quality, high-performance whole sweet rice researched and developed as a non-GMO for about 10 years by a team of researchers at the Crop Molecular Breeding Lab of Professor Koh Hee-jong of Seoul National University, with 66 percent of rice nutrients and gemmules 4.3 times larger than regular whole rice.

Other than the above, there is the "Legendary Gemmule Rice" developed together with Seoul National University. The Legendary Gemmule Rice has good gemmule adhesion that about 50 percent of the gemmule lives on even after milling. About 66 percent of nutrients in rice Koreans consume every day are found in the gemmule that it is premium organic rice wherein one can take in more nutrition found in the gemmule than ordinary white rice.

Further, Shinji Foodpia is developing various processed food with Korean agricultural products and developed rice chips called "Rice Gemmule Smile" made of the Legendary Gemmule Rice and Whole Rice with Large Gemmule to expand demand for rice and make known to the world the outstanding quality of Korean rice.

"Rice Gemmule Smile" is healthy rice chips made of 100 percent organic white rice or whole rice. Chips made of white rice are easily digestible and good for consumption by children.

An officer of Shinji Foodpia said, "We will make efforts to supply at good prices high-quality rice produced using natural eco-friendly farming methods to consolidate more competitiveness and make known the outstanding quality of Korean rice in the global market so that anyone in the world may enjoy it."

(Photo caption: Rice with large gemmule 'Whole Rice with Large Gemmule')

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