Solpostech to lead Korean production of beam projector lamps
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SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Solpostech (Representative Sin Jung-seop, a company that specializes in the production of beam projector lamps, will participate in the Trade Promotion Mission for China dispatched by the Gangnam District Office from October 26 to 31.

(Photo caption: Solpostech Headquarters located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu)

Solpostech developed on its own the technology to produce lamps and burners, which form the core of the beam projector market and for which Koreans hitherto relied solely on import. It thus succeeded in producing them in Korea. It plans to showcase the "Sol+Plus" brand of lamp it developed at the mission in China.

Sol+Plus is particular in that it is a brand with Korean technology applied and is 60 percent cheaper than imported goods and yet has outstanding clarity and life. Until now, Korea had to solely rely on imported goods amounting to several tens of thousands a year in the Korean replacement lamp market.

The Sol+Plus lamp is composed of refill lamp, bare lamp and module lamp. Of these, the bare lamp is a replacement lamp developed in Korea for the first time exclusively for use in beam projectors. It is compatible with various products that it is possible to supply the lamp befitting the characteristics of each beam projector brand.

Also, the refill lamp enables just replacing the bulb (burner), the core of existing beam projector lamps, to use them. Its low cost allows saving on maintenance fees while it has 95 percent higher lamp efficiency compared to existing ones making it economical. The Sol+Plus lamp has a 90-days, 500-hours quality guarantee with possible A/S.

Representative Sin Jung-seop of Solpostech said, "We succeeded in producing in Korea beam projector lamps which we had hitherto solely relied on non-Korean brands. As such, consumers in Korea are now able to maintain and keep beam projectors at a lower cost." He continued" We will continue to develop technology in the future to advance into the global market."

Tel) +82-2-1588-0349

(Photo caption: Sol+Plus lamp displayed in Solpostech Headquarters)

(Photo caption: Sol+Plus lamps displayed in Solpostech Headquarters)

(Photo caption: Sol+Plus lamps displayed in Solpostech Headquarters)

(Photo caption: Sol+Plus lamps displayed in Solpostech Headquarters)

(Photo caption: Burners, a core technology in "Sol+Plus" lamps)

(Photo caption: "Sol+Plus" UHS lamp)

(Photo caption: Results of tests carried out at the standard of company P lamps)

(Photo caption: Test grades of Korea Electric Testing Institute)

(Photo caption: A/S Center in Solpostech Headquarters)

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