Vajra to Pursue Globalization of Lifestyle Jewelry 'Gina'
[ Joshua 2009-10-21 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Vajra, a company specializing in fine jewelry (Representative Kim Ji-eun, Park Uk-seong, will participate in the Trade Promotion Mission for China dispatched by the Gangnam District Office from October 26 to 31.

(Photo caption: Vajra Representative Kim Ji-eun produced herself the crown worn by the protagonist in a major popular drama, Cheonchu Taehoo broadcast recently)

As part of the mission, Vajra plans to make known to the world the "Gina" brand of semi-precious stone and precious metal products.

The "Gina" brand of lifestyle jewelry is designing various products of silver 925, 18K-3K gold, and white gold 900 by casting natural live flowers instead of using art clay or electric-forming.

The company deemed it impossible to cast live flowers of 1mm thickness into more than 100mm with the existing casting method, so developed a new technique to express as real as possible the feel and form of flowers as they are in nature and acquired patents for the technique (casting, molding for the casting, and casting using live flowers).

The characteristics of lifestyle jewelry "Gina" born as such lie in endowing eternity to natural forms of temporary life by giving them new life with metal. That is, consumers can bring commemorative flowers before withering for Vajra to reproduce with metals, enabling consumers to keep them forever with laser inscriptions of memorable days.

The Gina brand, which mostly uses natural products as its subjects, is continuously showcasing new products in Korea and globally, including flower jewelry, after bouquet, and small interior products.

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