International Green Energy Expo ended its Grand Finale with US$ 840 Million Counseling on Export
[ eunjung yu 2018-04-10 ]  

The 15th edition of International Green Energy Expo(IGEEC), held on April 4th in EXCO, Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center, wrapped up its three-day journey and ended its grand finale.

Despite rainy weather, more than 30,000 visitors' people have visited the exhibition to see the new technologies and products on solar and renewable energy and it proved its identity as the largest solar power (renewable energy) exhibition in Korea.

The 15th International Green Expo held various auxiliary events including the exhibition and conferences, co-held by Daegu Metropolitan City and Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do to share the renewable energy-related new technology and trend, co-organized by Korea New & Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and KOTRA.

Green Energy Expo attracted 280 exhibitors (81 international) occupying 800 booths from 13 countries including Korea, Germany, USA, Japan, UK and etc. over 30,000 visitors, and 93 international buyers from 83 companies, 30 different countries. Through 359 meeting sessions, US$840 million worth of deals (scheduled) from 138 contracts were sealed, US$640 million worth of deals from 11 onsite contracts, and US$287,000 were achieved. At the export consultation center, Mirae tech signed an M.O.U with a buyer from Kazakhstan to supply US$1 million wind generator and Duksan Cotran sale M.O.U. with an Indian Buyer.

Based on these achievements, delegates from Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, Shinsung E&G, Duksan Cotran, who have participated in the expo since its inception, said they felt the glory of the past.

"2018 Province of Gyeongsang Sale consultation", held in the province for the first time this year, a total 70 major companies from Energy, Construction and Electronics industry (Hyundai AutoEver, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daelim Industry, Doosan Engineering & Construction, Samsung Engineering and etc.) and 321 small and medium business had signed up for biz-matching, proceeded total 2,151 sale meeting, and succeeded in forming 426 matching.

GGEITC(Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Collaboration), a program organized by Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association only at 13 world major solar exhibition, was held on April 5th for the first time in Korea. With its first host, IGEEC and APVIA formed an M.O.U. to hold the event annually. Thanks to this agreement, not only can Korean renewable energy companies pursue the opportunity to plan co-work with international companies but also is the IGEEC to be globalized.

"We will carry out our own project to conduct GW level of sunlight generation," said Gyu-Sung, Choi, the CEO of Korea Rural Community Corporation, who attended the event along with his 200 employees. In addition, since working-level workers such as solar power builders, generators visited the event, there was a wide-spread admiration that exhibitors were able to do substantive meeting across all three days.

The International Conferences and seminars held during the exhibition are total 20 and it attracted around 7,000 people for three days. Conference rooms were filled with audiences who were eager to obtain the new information on new and renewable energy delivered by world-class experts. In particular, it drew tremendous attention to ESS convergence systems based on IoE and the fields of new and renewable energy such as micro-grid construction, PV market insight, hydrogen and fuel cell forums, and wind power.

Above this, Sungrow, world-leading inverter manufacturer, building the world's largest floating solar plant in Huainan, China, confirmed its participation as a golden sponsor in the following event. Additionally, some exhibitors including Huawei-world top 10 sunlight inverter module corporation-SMA, ABB, Kaconew Energy, GOODWE, Growatt, JinkoSolar and etc. confirmed its words to attend next year with bigger booths. In other words, more than 90% international companies were so satisfied that they will review next attendance positively.

Chul-Ho, Kang, the president of Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, a major leading company, and constant participant, himself stayed in the booth for the two-day while offering proudly comprehensive energy management system such as ESS and Solar Road, and signed a platinum sponsor in 2019. Shinsung E&G also confirmed its participation in the next event finalizing big deals. Hyundai Aluminum, the leading manufacturer of aluminum formwork and window, INCELL, the specialized corporation for energy storage and battery, Isolar, NEMO ENG, CSTECH, and EVISU, Korea's leading solar system companies, have decided to apply to next year attendance at the site, and it is expected to see Korea's leading inverter professional companies such as Dasstech, Hex Power, and Hebsiba that have participated in the event for the past 10 years. Like so, 85% of exhibitors are likely to be available at the next event.

Likewise, the differentiated matching technique and oversea marketing ability that Green Energy Expo has is what makes the global solar companies have participated in Daegu event annually. It is the first solar specialized exhibition to be affiliated with GSA (Global Solar Alliance in Korea and will hold a joint conference with APVIA(Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association), starting with this year's M.O.U.

Moreover, it is also the only event co-organized with International Green Energy Expo is characterized by the fact that it is the only event co-organized by Korea New & Renewable Energy Association and Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association. Since its first launch in 2004, a number of the leading companies such as OCI, Hanhaw Q Cells, Samsung SDI, LG Electronics, Shinsung E&C, Hansol Technics, Woogjin Energy, and Hanhaw Tech & M have participated. We look forward to the growth of the solar industry and Green Energy Expo in a second growth period.

Based on these expectations and achievements, it plans to strengthen the energy storage sector beginning in 2019. With the increasing number of energy storage system companies' participation (Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, Solar Light Korea, Real Tech Eng. PNE Solution, Destin, KacoNew Energy and Ekos) and inquiries from visitors, EXCO has proceeded with Energy Storage System and Battery Zone.

"Since its first launch as Asia's first sunlight (renewable energy) exhibition in 2004, it grew and is recognized as the only evesnt in Korea participated by world top 10 solar power," said Sang-Wook, Kim, the CEO of Daegu EXCO, and added "In line with the government's recent announcement of "Renewable Energy 3020" implementation plan, we will officially release the ESS & Battery Korea in 2019 in addition to the solar industry's development that marks the second leap forward.

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