Sindo DNT knocks on Chinese market with anti-stick technology for preventing illegal advertising
[ Joshua 2009-10-19 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Sindo DNT (CEO Dong-hwan Oh, will participate in "Trade Promotion Mission for China" dispatched by Gangnam-gu from the coming 26th to the 31st.

(Photo: Sindo DNT CEO Oh, Dong-hwan )

The products that Sindo DNT will put forward in the "Trade Promotion Mission for China" are anti-stick sheet (product name: Bellavia) and paint that bar the adhesion of stick-on advertisements (sticker, tape) that make street lights, telegraph pole, control instruments and other public facilities messy.

Illegal advertisements that constantly appear on all corners of the street are damaging the city environment. Local self-governments nationwide are spending much labor and budget to remove these illegal advertisements.

(Photo: Application in Vienna, Austria)

As a technologically innovative SME, Sindo DNT is recognized for its technology and growth. Bellavia, the company's main product, is a sheet that is printed in the desired design and color over an outdoor-advertising Flex material and then coated with an anti-stick paint (patent) on which advertisements cannot stick. The quality of the product has been recognized, and it has been named as a product of excellence by Public Procurement Service and has had its efficiency certified by Small and Medium Business Administration.

The company staff explained that when this sheet is applied to street light poles, telegraph poles, mileposts, pedestrian bridges, bus stops and other public facilities, tape, stickers and posters do not stick to the surface at all.

Furthermore, the product is earning much favorable reception for its enduring anti-stick feature and it is also being recognized as the ideal item for the city environment business as it comes in various colors and images.

The anti-stick color paint for preventing adhesion of illegal advertisements is a special product that contains ingredients that form a fine texture and a layer of special coating on the applied surface.

After spraying the paint on public facilities, posters based on tape, sticker and glue will not stick to the surface. The advantage of this product is that it costs less than the anti-stick sheet.

"The application of Bellavia and color paint has already been demonstrated in Prague, Canada and Vienna," explained CEO Dong-hwan Oh. "The products have been developed to promote pleasant and beautiful city street environment."

(Photo: Before and after the application of anti-stick product for preventing illegal advertising)

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