Gangnam-gu, Dispatch 'Trade Promotion Mission for China' to China
[ Joshua 2009-10-14 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'Gangnam Trade Mission for China') -- <Visual News> Gangnam-gu, Seoul(Korea), recently announced that it would dispatch its 'Trade Promotion Mission for China', composed of 15 small and medium sized companies in Gangnam-gu, to Chengdu of Sichuan and Chongging.

(Photo Caption: Opening ceremony of a trading show when Trade Promotion Mission for China visited China in 2008)

Chengdu and Chonggin are center of the Western Region Grand Development with much investment and are bridges connecting between south-west areas and east-west areas in China. The two areas are trading centers of main products and developing rapidly as a consumer market. In particular, they continuously enjoy their super-high growth even if the world economy is depressed, and many companies in the world including Korean ones pay attention to the areas as their new markets.

This 'Trade Promotion Mission for China' is mutually promoted by Gangnam-gu and Korea International Trade Association (CEO: Sakong Il). In Chengdu and Chongging from Oct. 26 to 30, this event will hold various business activities such as 1:1 business trade show between dispatched companies and local Chinese buyers and local market presentation, and we actively support these activities by making broachers and e-catalogs and promoting post-marketing to get satisfied results from the business meetings.

In this Mission, 22 businessmen from 15 promising small and medium sized companies - Chunho food Co.,Ltd, DAE HAN INFRA RED CO,., Shinjifoopia Co.Ltd, Sposabella, ELLAMO, HANSSEASON2, VAJRA CO., LTD, C & M Cosmetic Co.,Ltd, TULIP INTERNATIONAL INC., Yein Trading & Global Co.,Ltd, OM JULIA company, Beauty Club RED, SINDO DNT Co., Ltd., SOLPOSTECH CO.LTD, Acient future - in clothing, accessory, cosmetics, food, and environment-friendly product industries in Gangnam-gu, led by Maeng Jung-Ju, Mayor of Gangnam-gu.

An official of Gangnam-gu said "Consumer marker in the western area of China is rapidly developing and local people prefer Korean products. Thus, it is expected that this event will give good opportunities for participants to find new markets. Active cooperation of the local government agencies in China will lead good results through this event."

This Trade Promotion Mission for China will visit the local government of Jinjian in Chengdu and that of North New District in Chonggin to introduce Gangnam-gu's excellent e-government system and seek exchange and cooperation between the two nations such as economic exchange and medical tourism.

(Photo Caption: Exchange of hanging scroll for cooperation between companies when Trade Promotion Mission for China visited China in 2008)

(Photo Caption: 1:1 trading show between two companies when Trade Promotion Mission for China visited China in 2008)

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