Center of 4th Industrial Revolution, New and Renewable Energy Business Exhibition Is Opening
[ eunjung yu 2017-03-06 ]  

After Paris Agreement acted on November of 2016, new and renewable energy and new energy business are becoming more important. Within this upsurge of new and renewable energy business, EXCO will open "2017 International Green Energy Expo" from April 5th to 7th to cope with fast changing energy environment.

EXCO will hold "Green Energy Policy Forum" on April 5th as an opening event for "2017 International Green Energy Expo."As an opening event of introducing the beginning of new energy generation, speakers from related government department, organization, and foreign global media will give speeches on trend of domestic and international new energy industry, policy to vitalize new and renewable energy, and how each government is acting for new global climate system. Korea Electric Power corporation (KEPCO), Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, Hyundai Hyms, SCHMID Korea, Shinsung Solar Energy, JA Solar, Jinko Solar and many other 4th industrial revolution related major companies are participating in the exhibition. As paradigm changes from traditional energy generation and supply industry to smart-grid, micro-grid, energy independent district project, and others, approximately 250 new energy industry and new and renewable energy related companies will introduce innovative technologies and advanced products.

Characteristics of this exhibition is the return of PV companies, the increase in the number of Energy Storage System(ESS) companies, and electric vehicle special zone as a result of increased supply of electric vehicle and charging centers. In addition, there will be PV Market Insight which will introduce present and future of global PV market, major companies, and policy trends, one on one export consultation that is cooperated with KOTRA to support exportation of domestic companies' new and renewable energy business, and new and renewable energy facility tour.

According to Sangwook Kim, CEO of EXCO, comments "This will be an opprtunity to introduce a vision for new and renewable energy industry by sharing the information on international and domestic new and renewable energy industry and global trend through having International Green Energy Expo and Policy Forum."

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