[Jarasum Makgeolli Festival 2016] Bongpyeong Buckwheat Makgeolli
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2016-10-10 ]  

Bongpyeong Buckwheat F&B Farming Association introduced healthy grain alcoholic beverage made with buckwheat from Pyeongchang at Jarasum Makgeolli Festival 2016, which ran Oct. 7-9. It was hosted by Korea Makgeolli Association, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Gyeonggi Province, and Gapyeong City and sponsored by aT, Korail Eastern Metropolitan Headquarter, and Naminara Republic of Korea.

(Photo: Bongpyeong Makgeolli is made with 70% rice, 25% wheat flour, and 5% buckwheat.)

It is the only manufacturer of buckwheat that was certified by Pyeongchang City. It is made selected buckwheat grown in Pyeongchang, and is processed in traditional way with milling machine to make makgeolli and buckwheat jelly.

Buckwheat flour is naturally dried after being cropped then processed by unshelling, polishing, and grinding. There is vitamin P, which is not produced by our bodies, and high-quality protein, making it healthy.

It is good food for dieting without side effects, and it helps prevent adult diseases.

A staff at the farming association said, "Our makgeolli contains more buckwheat than other makgeolli that claim to be made with buckwheat flour. It is difficult to make makgeolli with buckwheat because it contains less starch that other grain. We have come up with the perfect ratio of grains(70% rice, 25% wheat flour, and 5% buckwheat) to make makgeolli with buckwheat."

He added, "Our makgeolli has less calorie and is less burdening on the digestive system. Since young people like our makgeolli, we are making a new bottle design to suit their tastes."

In this year's festival, about 150 breweries introduced 600 makgeolli, along with 300 tents available for stay to converge camping culture and traditional drinking culture.

Show guide and information center are available for the visitors, and Korail has extended the period of "Visit Korea Year" and extended the running time of ITX and other transportation to Jarasum, along with discounts for accommodations and tourist attractions near Gapyeong area.

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