[Made In Korea] Dongwoo Optron's Environmental Measurement Equipment
[ Park Ji Yeon 2016-06-03 ]  

Founded in 1989, Dongwoo Optron is a measurement equipment manufacturer specializing in environmental and optical equipment. It started as an importer of the equipment, and expanded its business scope as it made progress.

DONGWOO OPTRON showcased its TMS Chimney Gas Measuring System in International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2016) held in Seoul Coex from May 31st (Tue) to June 3rd (Fri).

With its optical technology, it developed an optical gas analyzer DGA-X. The gas analyzer comes in two types, sampling and in-situ, and DGA-X is the in-situ type that measures the output gas level in the chimney with the principle of gas that absorbs the energy within the UV ray spectrum.

It started installing the gas analyzers(TMS, SCR, FGD, EPC) in 2007 and began to supply the equipment in 2009. Now, it has a 70% market share in TMS facilities. Since it is made in Korea, the cost to install the facilities is half of foreign-made facilities, and the maintenance and repair is faster.

Now that it has gained confidence from the domestic market, it is going to aim for the international market. After receiving international certification, it is planning to sell the equipment overseas, especially to China and the Middle East.

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