[KOBA 2016 Video] Hansam System Presents MA DOT2 SL-F, a Light Controller
[ Reporter2 2016-05-27 ]  

Hansam System Co. LTD introduced their light controller, MA DOT2 SL-F, in KOBA 2016 held in Coex Hall A, C and D from May 24th (Tue) to 27th (Fri).

MA DOT2 SL-F is a professional light controller used in theaters and broadcasting stations. With three 7" touchscreen pre-installed, MA DOT 2SL-F comes with internal editing function, plus 14 manual faders and 28 command buttons.

14 faders can either work alone or work as a submaster. Functions such as individual fader, submaster fader, cross fader, speed control can be assigned to the faders through the touchscreen.

With 28 command buttons, macros such as color, gobo, chaser, can be either used alone or combined with other functions. The commands can also be timed through the use of command fader, to switch between the macros smoothly. The controller can also use the keyboard and mouse as an input source to control the touch screen—for example, the users can make and control the light patterns via the wheel of the mouse, align the lights accordingly to pick and choose the starting and the ending points for the lights, and control the colors and gobos of the light for a new moving pattern.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2016 is hosted by KOREA E & EX and The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association, aiming to advance and improve Korean broadcasting culture, video, audio and light industry. World Media Forum, International Conference and Technology Seminar, and other various broadcasting equipment events will also take place at the same time.

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(Video Description: "The 26th Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2016)" Overview)

by Ashley Gamin Kim

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by Reporter2 (www.aving.net)

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