[KOBA 2016] Panasonic Korea Demonstrates 4K Total Broadcast Solution
[ Reporter2 2016-05-26 ]  

Panasonic Korea (Managing Director Eun Ha No) introduced their Varicam LT Cinema Camera, AK-UC3000 Studio Handy Camera, AV-HS6000 2ME Live Switcher, 4K Camcorder AG-DVX200, alongside many 4K and UHD solution in AV industry in KOBA 2016, held in Coex Hall A, C and D from May 24th (Tue) to 27th (Fri).

Panasonic Korea announced their "UHD & 4K Total Broadcast Solution" concept to hold a new standard of broadcasting in the future.

The booth displayed the company's new products like 4K Studio Camera, 4K Varicam 35, and the newest, Varicam LT, along with their 4K Projector, 4K Flat Panel, 4K Remote Camera's various application, to demonstrate their "Total Broadcast Solution."

The Panasonic 4K Studio Camera, 'AK-UC 3000', utilizes their 4K image sensor to expand their practicality to not only 4K production, but also to HD production. With their 4K sensor now expanding to a larger scale, AK-UC 3000 can deliver a clearer image to their viewers through 4K studios and broadcast vehicles.

Additionally, 'Varicam LT,' a new addition to their cinema lineup, has many features like Super 35mm Image Sensor, a large latitude of 14+ stops, and Dual Native ISO 800/5000. Panasonic notes that their Super 35mm single-chip MOS sensor provides both 4K and UHD resolutions with high sensitivity, reduced noise, a wide dynamic range, and a cinematic field of depth.

In the Cinema Camera line-up, Panasonic's 'Varicam LT' was introduced to the market in May, and the studio camera 'AK-UC3000' and 'AK-HC5000' are projected to be introduced into the market in upcoming June.

The head of Panasonic Korea's Business Solution Team announced that "Panasonic Korea, as a leader in digital broadcasting equipment industry, will set a new direction in Korean market by presenting in KOBA 2016," and that "Panasonic's 4K broadcasting equipment, which overcame the flaws of the original 4K broadcasting equipment, will cordially approach the industry and consumers, and contribute as a top sponsor in the upcoming Olympics."

Meanwhile, KOBA 2016 is hosted by KOREA E & EX and The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association, aiming to advance and improve Korean broadcasting culture, video, audio and light industry. World Media Forum, International Conference and Technology Seminar, and other various broadcasting equipment events will also take place at the same time.

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by Ashley Gamin Kim

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by Reporter2 (www.aving.net)

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