[KOBA 2016] KEVIC Introduced Various Speakers
[ eunjung yu 2016-05-26 ]  

KEVIC showcased their own brand's speakers in KOBA 2016, held in Coex Hall A, C and D from May 24th (Tue) to 27th (Fri).

KEVIC successfully developed Digital PA System, HD video editing device, transmission device and DSP from 2000.

They are a Korean agent of global brand 'EV,' AVID, KLOTZ and Panasonic to provide high quality products with low price. They have the best technology in broadcasting equipment and they were once selected as the superior product by 'Public Procurement Service.'

Their own brand, 'KEVIC' is now used in a lot of public offices, companies and education facilities to be certificated by PA. KEVIC's speakers have a superior digital controlling ability so that they're suitable for small and large hall, gym, church and seminar rooms.

Among the KEVIC's speakers, 'Ethernet Full Range Powered Speaker' is a ten inch active speaker which has a Class D amp inside so that it's light and easy to be installed. It is made of luxury Russian birch 13-PLY material to make a warm, abundant and vivid sound. It has simple four DSP free sets to make a proper audio program and Dante Network BK2 is applied to it. So it's available to transmit the signals in less losing and non-compressed condition.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2016 is hosted by KOREA E & EX and The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association, aiming to advance and improve Korean broadcasting culture, video, audio and light industry. World Media Forum, International Conference and Technology Seminar, and other various broadcasting equipment events will also take place at the same time.

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