[Video] Live Scene at SLUSH, Interview with 'HisShow', Christian Cultural Education Content Company
[ Julie, Son 2015-11-12 ]  

Aving News met with HisShow (CEO Baek Jong-ho, www.hisshow.co.kr) at the site of "SLUSH 2015", a global startup conference.

(Picture description: HisShow CEO Baek Jong-ho at 'SLUSH 2015')

What kind of company is HisShow?

HisShow is a company that creates shows (entertainment) about Jesus. Staring with "Storybox", an animation for Christian evangelization, the company has been producing Christian culture contents. The company is also helping teach the Bible and the Christian doctrine in a fun and easy way at churches and homes.

Please tell us about HisShow's main business models and products.

Our main products consist of "HisShow Sunday School", which is used as teaching materials at churches, and "HisShow Homeschool", which can be used at home. "HisShow Sunday School" provides a curriculum that can be used for Sunday school. It is a two-year course, and by using this, toddlers and children can learn about the Bible more systematically and effectively.

The biggest difference of this curriculum is that its contents are fun. All of the biblical figures are recreated as characters, and major stories are produced as animations. Since we got rid of biblical aspects in the animations and added modern touches, anyone can approach the topics in a familiar way.

"HisShow Homeschool" consists of animations, fairytale books, sticker books, and an application. This product helps children enjoy the Bible at home. People can enjoy our contents, which they experienced at a church, again at home. Our goal is to provide the Bible, a text for 2.2 billion Christians worldwide, to every household that has faith.

I heard the company is focusing on entering foreign markets. What are your target countries, and what is the company's competitiveness in foreign markets?

HisShow is targeting Christians. It is estimated that there are 2.2 billion Christians all over the world. Most of them used to be in North and South America and the Europe region, but recently, Christianity has been rapidly growing in China, Taiwan, and other countries in Asia. Starting with Asian countries, we have set a goal to enter the markets in Brazil, South America, and North America.

Our competitiveness is that we have the only 3D animation content for the Bible in the world. Based on this, we have other related educational materials. We will enter foreign markets with the animations and "HisShow Homeschool", and expand our business to educational contents.

Please tell us the reason why the company participated in 'SLUSH 2015', and how it will develop its business through this exhibition.

We participated in SLUSH to check the European markets' responses to Christian contents. Currently, 50% of 24 courses of a two-year curriculum has been developed, and the rest will be finished by late 2016. We will start entering foreign markets in 2017. We are looking forward to having a partnership with Christian education companies in other countries, which can localize HisShow's quality educational contents.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning selected the five most outstanding companies at the K-ICT Smart Content Center. The selected companies participated in "SLUSH 2015", a global startup conference held in Helsinki, Finland, and showcased domestic smart content technologies and services until Nov. 12, local time.

Article - Reporter Son Eun-gyeong / Video - Reporter Gwon Se-chang

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