The Show for Environmental and Green Energy Opens
[ Sechang Kwon 2015-06-02 ]  

The International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2015) is co-organized by the Ministry of Environment (Minister Yoon Seong-kyu) and Korea Environmental Preservation Association (president Park Yong-man). The event will run for four days from Jun. 2 to 5 at COEX. There, an array of eco-friendly technologies and products are introduced.

This year's International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy is the largest environmental event in the nation. A total of 250 companies from 22 different countries are participating in the exhibition, including 181 domestic and 69 international companies from regions such as the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe.

At the exhibition, 2,000 new environmental technology and eco-friendly products are on display. These products are expected to lead the environment industry. Also, 360 buyers from 32 countries have been invited and purchasing contracts worth about 250 billion won will be arranged at the exhibition.

(Photo: Environment Minister Yoon Seong-kyu looks around in the hall.)

Among the new eco-friendly household items, a water-saving toilet bowl, in particular, uses only 4.5 liters, which is a third of general toilet water usage (9~13 liters).

Also, solving clogging and noise problems by using a variable discharge structure dependent on gravity is expected to garner much interest.

Also, a leak detection tape has the ability to change its color when it is exposed to various acidic or alkaline substances. It is likely useful for chemical safety management in industry sectors. It helps workers detect and react to dangerous situations, even when colorless and odorless chemical leakage occurs.

The algal bloom reduction technology is ecologically safe and eco-friendly, as it reduces the proliferation of plant plankton, which causes algal bloom via culturing and spraying zooplankton, instead of algaecides or other drugs. It is expected to have a huge effect.

The hosts opened a promotion hall for Korea's 70th Anniversary of Liberation Day and the 35th Environment Day. It offered citizens information about the growth process and history of environmental technologies and policies.

Also, a university cooperative pavilion was created, showcasing 120 new and unreleased technologies from 13 universities, including Soongsil University and Ewha Womans University.

Moreover, at the exhibition site, conferences are provided for joint research and technology transfer and commercialization with interested companies.

The Environmental Technology Seminar, co-hosted by the Embassy of Canada, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea and Korean-China Environmental Industry Exchange Symposium, allows visitors to experience international environmental issues and technologies. Environmental seminars and forums, a free environmental law consultation center, and an environmental industry fair are taking place concurrently.

"The nation's largest environmental exhibition is going to be a good opportunity to disseminate various environmental technologies and get a glimpse of future environmental technologies," said section chief Hong Dong-gon, of Environmental Technology and Economy of the Ministry of Environment.

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