Charmtron To Present Its Graphene Equipments & Other Film Products
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Charmtron Co., Ltd., the seller of Vacuum Evaporator and other Graphene products, has a plan to unveil their original Graphene producing technology, components materials, and other equipments at IMAC 2014, which stands for International Materials Components Industry Show. As for Graphene, this dream material has been receiving great attention particularly from flexible display industry.

Charmtron has successfully managed to acquire both infra and applied technologies of Graphene application field which has recently attracted many spotlights from the industry, and it also contributed to raise live industrialization in this field. Based on this, many domestic and international researching laboratories and universities have been supplying fine Graphene solution, powder, and thin films to be in use for Graphene application field. Specifically, the company's Graphene thin film mass equipment in Roll to roll CVD method has not only been delivered for development researching purpose, but also been under the Government project, backed up by Small and Medium Business Administration for producing low-cost Graphene thin films. By 2015, the development will have been complete and it is expected that the industry then is able to produce low-cost Graphene thin films in mass production..

The use of Graphene thin films has been held back for its high cost and the lack of mass supplying technology, so Charmtron's innovative technology is expected to provide a solution to smartphone, display, auto, architecture, and other industries for the real use of Graphene. Charmtron at IMAC 2014 is preparing to present their industry-leading technology of mass Graphene production, a higher value material industry, by showing their research achievements.

Meanwhile, Charmtron not only succeeded in developing Graphene and its related technology but also concluded an agent contract with SH Copper Products of Hitachi Group, the world's number 1 oxygen-free rolled copper foil producer, for assuring their safe mass supply of Graphene films, as the rolled copper foil needs Graphene. This contract has established the leadership to Charmtron among domestic Graphene thin film suppliers.

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