COXEM, Professional Scanning Electron Microscope Producer Reveals The Electron Microscopes
[ Reporter2 2014-10-02 ]  

COXEM( produces Tungsten-material scanning electro microscope, and the company had a showcase of its various products at IMAC 2014 (International Materials & Components Industry Show 2014): Normal SEM CX-200TA, Table-SEM, and EM-30AX. From this opportunity, COXEM plans to promote their technology and quality competitiveness.

Based on the technology of Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), COXEM Ltd. is a professional scanning electron microscope producer. The company has been producing and selling Tungsten-material electron microscopes. COXEM has strived to develop electron microscopes using FE tip. COXEM's scanning electron microscope is able to collect clear images, whose technology has been recognized in the industry, and in 2011, COXEM launched EM Series, popular electron microscopes that received wide favors from the industry.

At IMAC 2014, COXEM plans to show Normal SEM CX-200TA, and joint SEM-EDS & Mini-SEM EM-30AX. Among these, Normal SEM CX-200 TA is one of the Normal-SEM CX-200 Series and able to show the maximum x300,000 magnification. This product is an optimized version to be widely used in semiconductors, chemical & material engineering, nano analysis, and other diverse parts requiring high resolving power. Five-axis is based on automation to process image filming and gives a user low tiredness even from long use.

Moreover, Mini-SEM is among EM-Series, and it shows maximum x100,000 magnification and a joint SEM-EDS solution. It is relatively cheap in terms of cost and at the same time highly cost-efficient to collect SEM-EDS data. As for related analysis areas, analysis of faulty auto parts, powder type, bio specimen, and various types are the product's ability.

What's so special about the flag ships, COXEM's EM products measure very efficient result values to catch high depth images that Fluorescence Spectroscope needs something wanting. COXEM's CX series and EM series provide cost-efficient electron microscope images.



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