Professional Nano-Diamond Technology NEOmond Presents Special Surface Treatments
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NEOmond will showcase the products by Nanodiamond technology for special surface treatment and general processing like plating, polishing, and coating, in wide-range at coming IMAC 2014, which stands for International Materials & Components Industry Show: Radiant Additives against heat, Micro Abrasives, High Molecule additives, Wafer Abrasives, and Lubricating Additives.

NEOmond is a world-widely recognized professional producer possessing a competitive technology in an eco-friendly nano-material, Nanodiamond. Specifically, NEOmond's Nano-Technology Department has gained know-how to handle nano-dispersion process in mass production within short process time. To be more specific, most cost in producing Nanodiamond comes from nano-dispersion process. Their know-how has saved 1/5 times the original cost and realized the mass production, and even more, NEOmond realized to expand the true value of Nanodiamond by achieving special surface process and general processing like plating, polishing, and coating.

NEOmond at this exhibition is planning to showcase their abrasive materials, lubricant additives, polymer resin, and radiant additives against heat. Among these, micro device abrasives are applicable to probe pins, pogo pins, fine SUS pipes, semiconductor chip connectors, and molded copper in extremely high density Very Large Scale Integration. The abrasives help to elevate electrical conductivity, plating quality, containment degree reduction on nano element surface and luster improvement, and abrasive productivity.

Moreover, Gear oil additives are added to commercial oil for better industrial gear box lubrication, and the additives extend the material life as the product reduces the noise and vibration. Specifically, Gear oil additives greatly reduce energy to save production cost.

NEOmond has produced wafer polishing abrasives including Gallium Nitride Wafer Polishing that realizes high-quality product as the product shows excellent surface roughness and provides slurry options of water and oil solubility for suitable process; and NEOmond also provides Sapphire Wafer Lapping Abrasive that assures high-quality product and premium surface roughness, all achieving production efficiency by producing massive number of products. Besides, NEOmond at the exhibition is going to present Radiant Additives that are applicable to the cooling system of vessels, cars, and air planes.


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