The masters of online games are coming from Japan!
[ Joshua Shim 2007-11-20 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> The final match for the Gamengame World Championship (GNGWC) 2007 to select Japanese masters of Korea-made online games was held last 17th at the Quest Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The selected players will be visiting Korea for the World Championship on December 1st.

Sponsored by the Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA), this Championship gathered players for five Korea-made online games – Silkroad Online!, Shot Online, War Rock, Navy Field, and Records of Lunia War – for competition in Korea, North America, Germany, Vietnam, and Japan. The final match for each nation was held in Japan.

The final match began with the opening message of Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group of KIPA and a belly dance performance to add excitement.

“Online game allows you to meet friends all around the world in real-time on the network and develop joint strategies to play the game,” said Vice President Taek Min Kwon, stressing that online game is the best social networking tool for you to interact with many gamers around the world in the digital age. He also stressed that online game is the ‘Beta service that lasts forever’ which is constantly upgraded by the service provider and that online game develops with gamers’ inputs.

In the final match, 102 players competed in their choice of game. The winners for Silkroad Online used IDs Naru and H.T. The players competed in a tournament where they hunted monsters in a dungeon to acquire higher scores than competitors.

Shot Online ( was initially programmed to follow a 9-hole stroke-play format and select two winners out of eight finalists in a tournament. However, the scores from the 5th hole were eliminated during the game and six more holes were added to end the game in the 10th hole. The player with the ID Yakiurume, who introduced him as an office worker, won the tournament with the under-net score of 4. The runner-up was Naja with the under-net score of 3. These two winners will be visiting Korea for the main match.

For the final match on Records of Lunia War (, Huer and Yuki were the final contestants. They were given five matches and Huer won the first three matches to become the winner. Yuki came in second place, but he will have another chance at the main match in Korea.

The final match for War Rock (, an FPS game, was the sudden death of teams of five. Team Japan came in as the winner. Team Japan won the first trial against Team H, but lost the second trial. Finally Team Japan won the two following matches to win the game by 3 to 1.

Navy Field (, the strategic battle game, selected two clans of 15 in a tournament of clan vs clan.

GNGWC winners from Japan will be invited to compete at the GNGWC 2007 Grand Final on December 1st in Seoul, Korea and compete against other regional winners from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Korea. The final winners will be bestowed USD 5,000 for the 1st place, USD 3,000 for the 2nd place and USD 1,000 for the 3rd place.

(Picture: Tack Min Kwon, a Vice President of Digital Contents Business Group at KIPA)

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