Silkroad Online, the road to the world
[ Samuel Kim 2007-10-02 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> Silkroad Online, developed and provided by Joymax, is a dynamic fantasy MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) which is staged in ancient civilizations of China, Europe and Islam.

The world moves and breathes, Silkroad Online

The most distinct feature of this game is that unlike the fixed conventional settings the world is alive. It might look like it is still but merchants who are there for trade, bandits who rob the merchants, the hunters who hunt down the bandits, hostility and covert actions between the merchants and hunters within the Silkroad give life to the game.

The character will grow more experienced according to the actions. In this realm, there is no fixed job. You can freely choose among the merchant, bandit, hunter groups and switch in between which will give you and endless variety of worlds to play in.

The road to the world, Silkroad Online

Joymax is going to expand their target to the global market using Silkroad as a corner stone which is also a GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship) official event and has begun to get the spotlight of the global audience. Silkroad online has been exported to China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam.

In present, there are 15 million members foreign and domestic. In about 200 countries, regional global service is being provided.

Silkroad online, Joymax’s successful globalization project, and other games were joined into JOYMAX.COM, in Oct. 2, which will provide global game portal services. Also, Silkroad online 2, an extension of worldly view and game qualities of the previous Silkroad online, will be developed with hopes of becoming the next driving force.

Silkroad online got popular at the GNGWC 2006. There will be tryouts for the National team in Yongin on Sep. 30. Silkroad online will be an official event in the upcoming GNGWC 2007. The gamers of the world will unite to see who the top player for Silkroad online is.

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