Bomb 'N Dash, a strong appearance in the global stage in just three minutes
[ Joshua Shim 2007-09-30 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> Innodis’s Bomb ’N Dash is swiftly advancing to the corners of the world.

Thrills the world in 3 minutes

Dashing its way to Europe, the Americas and the South Eastern market, Bomb ’N Dash, an official event of the GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship), is the game that brings you thrill and excitement with E-sport fun.

In Bomb ’N Dash, you have to dodge the bombs that are thrown to you and bomb your opponent at the same time. The character’s health point reduces as you get injured. There are many factors that affect the game. You don’t know when or where the bombs are coming from. They need to be avoided by hiding behind the terrain. There are no strong or weak. Accessibility is high and it is easy to learn that makes it easy to play.

It will take only take three minutes to find out what kind of game Bomb ’N Dash is. One match is three minutes. You have to set a strategy that is needed in the given time and circumstances. There is even less for finding out the location and the skill of the opponent and executing an offensive strategy. The user has to continuously analyze the terrain, items and use of team members in the given time. This is why there is an extreme level of excitement which makes you want to play the game.

Fusion games appealing in the global market

Bomb ’N Dash is a fusion game. Within three minutes, there is a unique tie of shooting and casual genre with a dash of RPG, your performance will directly reflect the experience level. The accumulated experience level will make your character evolve. The experienced character with various strategies and tactics will make the game more enjoyable.

Lee Hyun-jung, a R&D Sourcing manager at Innodis stated that, “The intent of Bomb ’N Dash was to make a game that wasn’t just trapped in one genre. In the beginning of the year 2000, the European publishers were impressed with online games by playing RPGs. They recently wanted to provide many games of different genre on portal sites. This is why Bomb N’ Dash is appealing to the European market.”

In addition, the GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship) is becoming the stepping stone for the Korean online games making its way to the global market. Last year, in the GNGWC, 1.07 million gamers participated in first championship for the preliminaries. This year we are hoping for 1.5 million, a 50% increase.

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