Shot-Online, bringing the golf course to you!
[ Joshua Shim 2007-09-29 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> ‘Shot-Online, a field of its own’ is an online 3D game developed and provided by Onnet.

Being a RPG, the notion is that the characters in Shot-Online can improve by rounding with different users.

To simulate a real golf course, a physical engine was developed. Also, the swing motions of KPGA Pros were applied to the avatar’s swing and then put into the IK engine to enhance reality to the motions of the avatars. This is a key factor.

Also, Shot-Online was made according to actual data. Other items, so called Rare Items, were reborn referring to historical data. Being loved by many gamers, the elements of the game make it even more similar to the actual game.

Being an actual field simulation game, most of the Shot-Online users are actual golfers. According to the survey that Shot-Online conducted, 85% of the actual users had previous golf experience. Considering that Shot-Online has 900 thousand members it can be said that this game is becoming an introduction for golf.

While stirring up many issues, this distinct positioning is the reason Shot-Online is continuously popular. The users being in the 30s and 40s, it was a rare sight at an off line tournament having crowds of people in their ties cheering their guilds. Also, 120 people participate in the amateur golf tournament held every two years showing how they play the game.

This game is not just a means to spend time but a tool that you can enjoy the wonders of golf which will also help you improve in the game. This is can be seen in the mid aged golf communities. More and more couples are getting married among the group and many people holding the hands of their children in Off Line events.

Shot-Online is making a stride into the global market. Golf, a common material for games, is catching the eyes of many as they are getting really wonderful responses from the world, especially in the North American and European Markets. Shot-Online that offers a linguistic support licenses in English, Japanese, German, Cantonese (Hong Kong)/Taiwanese and etc. and will have licenses in Chinese, French, Spanish and others.

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