Record of Lunia War, an arcade making it's first appearance in Taiwan
[ Joshua Shim 2007-09-29 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> Record of Lunia War (commonly known as Lunia) is a 3D on-line game that is an action packed arcade enjoyed by many from the past.

Record of Lunia War, a rendering of a comic, has a fairy tale like setting with graphics that fit the game rather than that which is not merely fancy, spectacular and high speed. Also, many users are drawn to this game because it has a great overall balance.

Record of Lunia War launched in Taiwan through Chinese Gamer

AllM (CEO Jong Myung Lee, announced on the 27th at a press conference in Taiwan that the online arcade RPG, Record of Lunia War<>, service contract was signed with Chinese Gamer (CEO Chin Po Wang,

The Taiwan based Chinese Gamer is an affiliate of Softworld, a service provider for Ragnarok and World of Warcraft and more, develops and provides games. Both companies completed an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In Taiwan, over 190 thousand subscribers were connected simultaneously to Chinese Gamer’s Huang Yi Online reflecting its popularity. The successful launching of Trickster, the first published game, brought attention to management and publishing capabilities.

The CEO of Chinese Gamer, Chin Po Wang said with great confidence , “ I selected ‘Record of Lunia War’ because RPG is a new genre, the distinct game elements like experiencing a interesting story and the online game features that make the game more unique. We are in the final stages of the localizing process with AllM and we hope that this will have a greater success than Huang Yi online.”

The stress test beginning in October 17 will be the start of an all out on/off line marketing launch. Especially, the famous VJ characters have their real life voice recorded in voice chat system which more people are noticing. Famous Taiwan entertainers will participate with promotion in game channels, music channels and a variety of on/off line events.

Nexon Japan is the service provider of Record of Lunia War which is a hit in Japan and will provide GSP (Global Service Platform) to users in over 80 countries.

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