The world first mmo e-Sports league finished its European match
[ Joshua Shim 2007-09-05 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- <Visual News> The world’s first MMO e-sports global league (Game and Game World Champion 2007) finished its European final rounds in the Game Convention held in Leipzig on August 23th. Couples, friends and all other mmo lovers got together and showed their best practice for the final eleven who will make it to the grand final rounds in Korea on December 1st. It is now heading for the American match in September.

Yoon, a student at Postdam University in Berlin, enjoys playing Bomb N Dash(, an official game of GNGWC 2007. Attracted by Bomb N Dash’s thrilling actions, user-friendly controls, and cute graphics, he started telling people around him about the game. Yoon and his 20-some friends started spending more time practicing the game when they saw the announcement about GNGWC2007’s schedule for European preliminary rounds. They participated in the European main rounds at the German Game Convention. Four of them, including Yoon, played amidst cheering friends at the event to win the tickets for the final rounds in Korea. He lost the chance, but said he enjoyed great time because of common goal he and his friends had went for about a month.

(Picture: Michael and Stefanie with prize panel)

A couple, Michael and Stefanie, participated in the competition for Shot Online (, an official game at GNGWC for 2nd straight year. They first met each other inside the game and became close while teaching each other how to play the game. They came in 1st and 2nd in the European rounds. This couple will be representing Europe at the final rounds.

(Picture: Alex with his girl friend)

Another couple is also competing against other gamers for the tickets to the final rounds in another official game, Record of Lunia War( Unfortunately, only one of them won the tickets to the final rounds in Korea. Although he’ll be going to Korea alone, Alex Danylove said, “I’m still happy that I have an MMO game that I can enjoy with my girlfriend. I think the anime like animations and fast paced game play has attracted both I and my girlfriend to play Record of Lunia War.”

Silkroad Online( is also in its 2nd year along with Shot Online as the official game of GNGWC. Andre Dahlmann, a Silkroad Online gamer, lives in Kevelaer which is 373 miles away from the convention center where the European main rounds of GNGWC2007 will take place. Like the enthusiastic crowd that gathered in front of the stores when Nintendo Wii first started its sale, he came to the convention center at 3AM, showing his enthusiasm for the event.

GNGWC2007, which has 150,000 participants just from Europe alone, will start its regional preliminary rounds in America and East Asia starting in September. An employee at KIPA, the sponsor of this event, has said, “Continuing from last year, many European MMO gamers have participated in the event.” He added, “Registration of American match starts now. We expect to see more gamers join this global mmo game festival and show off their excellent play.”

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