Macally Korea to release luminous case for I-phone 4/4S
[ Clare Jang 2011-11-28 ]  

Macally Korea (representative  Je-yu Heo,  released two luminous cases (model: LUMSTAND, LUMT) for I-phone 4/4S in time for releasing of I-phone 4/4S in Korea.

LUMSTAND, LUMT is composed of high tech luminous material rarely as I-phone case, so I-phone shines in dark cafe or street.

In particular, the stand that can be used as both charging and  holder at one time, by connecting cable with I-phone is in LUMSTAND'.

Above this, I-phone is protected with hard case designed elaborately, and edge is protected from scratch with rubber material.
Price of LUMSTAND including holder is 3,8000(KRW), and LUMT with only case is 2,7000(KRW)

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