Third Wave Power to present its all-in-one portable solar charger with gesture-based control
[ Clare Jang 2011-11-02 ]  

Singapore-based company Third Wave Power Pte Ltd today announced its new offering, mPowerpad, the world‟s first multi-function, portable solar device that can power up digital devices and is equipped with essential functions for users operating away from the power grid like AM/FM/SW radio, reading light, flashlight and ultrasonic insect repellent. mPowerpad launches this week at the Clean Energy Expo Asia 2011 in Singapore, 1-3 November (Booth F05, Suntec City).

Compact, rugged and lightweight, mPowerpad takes less than 6 hours to fully charge under direct sunlight. Through two USB ports, mPowerpad is capable of charging many types of devices and gadgets such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and cameras. With a 2500mAh battery capacity, it can fully charge up an iPhone – as quickly and efficiently as from an AC/DC outlet – while simultaneously providing reading light, radio and insect repellant for 4-5 hours.

"mPowerpad is designed for people who often travel to remote places and need a serious solution to keep their gadgets and equipment up and running," said VS Hariharan, Co-founder of Third Wave Power. The company – backed by commercial incubator Small World Group and Singapore‟s National Research Foundation – recently won the ‟Most Eco-friendly Start-up„ award at Techventure 2011, held in October in Singapore.

"Other solar chargers in the market do not have more than one or two functions, or they lack durability and reliability. mPowerpad, however, delivers an affordable, sustainable boost to productivity, and benefits outdoor enthusiasts, professionals and households with no ready access to electricity," said Hariharan.

mPowerpad features a unique gesture-based user interface that requires no button, knob or dial to operate the device. With no moving mechanical parts that could break down from manual wear and tear, and being water, dust- and drop-resistant, mPowerpad is built to withstand harsh weather and terrain conditions.

Said Lim Chuin Kiat, Co-founder of Third Wave Power, "mPowerpad has been designed for ultimate ease-of-use. With a built-in accelerometer, functions are activated by simple motions of tilting or turning the device. Anyone in the world – regardless of culture, literacy or education – will find mPowerpad extremely easy to use."

Field testing of pre-production units is currently underway across various geographies. The first shipment of mPowerpad is expected early January next year with a recommended retail price of US$80 per unit.

For more information on mPowerpad, visit Third Wave Power at Clean Energy Expo Asia 2011, Suntec City Singapore, Booth F05, 1-3 November or visit

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