Solar system company mp-tec is a multiple winner at the Plus X Award
[ David Bae 2011-10-11 ]  

The tracking system produced by the Eberswalde solar system company mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG has received the Plus X Award, the world’s major innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle, in the categories “High Quality” and “Functionality” in the Energy product group, winning over the jury in both respects with the single-axis tracking system available since the summer of 2011. Over 130 jury members from a number of industries and 32 nations also selected the Skytrap tracker as the “Best Product of 2011”.

With up to 30 square metres of module area, the Skytrap plus is the largest tracking system mp-tec has developed to date. The system can be controlled astronomically via an intelligent GPS system as well as optoelectronically. For the first time, the elevation angle of the module platform can be adjusted accurately to the degree without any alterations.

The module mount, which can be moved over two pivots, itself has a tilt angle of 10 to 35 degrees. This optimisation of the solar irradiation angle to the modules enables an increase in solar yield of up to 36 percent compared to fixed installations. As a result, Skytrap plus, with lower investment costs than a dual-axis system, approaches the efficiency of these trackers.

Since 2004, the Plus X Award has been presented to products which are of high quality, functional and meet the most modern standards. In addition, they must demonstrate compelling additional functions – so-called Plus X factors. “All of the award-winning products once again proved that our industries employ a high degree of innovation as a criterion and pay great attention to design and quality,” said panel chairman Christopher Strobel, praising the high standard of submissions.

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