Some Thoughts on Age of Wulin, Based on CN Closed Beta
[ Taey Kim 2011-10-11 ]  

(CBT screenshot - shared by gamer at Age of Wulin CN forum)

Age of Wulin started closed beta in China on October 8. Since I don't get a key (in fact, buy a key), I'd like to share my thoughts with you based on the walkthroughs, previews and discussions at mmoculture, and Chinese Age of Wulin forum.

After watching and reading those videos and articles, my general feeling of this game is that it's interesting. The cities are large and filled with details. The life skill system is fresh to some extent - sub-professions like beggar, diviner and chess player are something that you can find in other MMOs (though whether players will buy it is another story). Many kung fu scrolls can be obtained through different ways, which will arouse players' desire to explore and collect. There are dynamics events such as exclusive quests from certain npcs and miracle events.

The graphics is good. There aren't too many details and textures in some corners of the environment and characters but the game looks beautiful and vibrant as a whole. The ancient Chinese cities in Ming dynasty are nicely built in the game. You can find here one of the cities Chengdu, and the daily life in the city. The environment outside the city doesn't disappoint players, too. The second video from the bottom at mmoculture shows off the beautiful wild scenery.

The game also looks special at the kung fu part. Just as what the developer had promised, the combat features real kung fu. Different to other martial arts MMOs, the stance and the actions in Age of Wulin are based on the real ones (of course, some skills such as buff skills don't exist in the real world). Check out mmorculture's combat gameplay video at the bottom, where you can see Shaolin kung fu.

Every MMO is grinding to some extents but I'm not sure how grinding Age of Wulin will be since the closed beta just started. One thing that's sure is that the game is skill-based and there's no physical level. Something that dissatisfy testers include bugs(of course...), combat style and uncustomizable keyboard/controller setting.

To sum up, the game has many attractiveness and interesting designs, and it's very Chinese-traditional, for instance the game of go. But the developer needs to do a lot of work to polish and balance the systems.

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