PROINSO to Go beyond 1 GW in the supply of Modules and Inverters around the World
[ David Bae 2011-10-11 ]  

PROINSO, a company specialising in the supply of modules, inverters,trackers and fixed structures of roof and ground mounted photovoltaic installations, has hit therecord high of 1,000 MW supplying modules and inverters for PV solar installations around theworld. This was accomplished after supplying 1.41 MW in Trina modules and inverters for aWintersun roof installation in Madrid, Spain.

The record amount strengthens PROINSO's leading position in the sector, with 1 GW supplied,products in all five continents, an International Network of Qualified Installers with 1,743members around the world, and facilities in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, the USA, GreatBritain, France, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic.

From January to September 2011, PROINSO supplied 197.75 MW –126.47 MW in SMAinverters and 71.28 MW in REC, Trina, and Canadian Solar modules. To this we should add allthe modules and inverters delivered since 2005: 654 MW in inverters and 355 MW in module.Total: 1009.75 MW.

This accomplishment was possible thanks to PROINSO's powerful International Network ofQualified Installers, launched two years ago. The network's 1,743 members have activelycontributed to increase sales. Since it was launched, the network has grown at a spectacular ratein terms of both the number of installers and the services provided by PROINSO.

The countries with the largest numbers of Qualified Installers belonging to the PROINSOnetwork are Italy (676), the USA (316), Spain (170), Germany (163), Greece (141),France (78), and Great Britain (32). In order to qualify to become a member of thePROINSO network, companies must have at least three years' experience in the sector and ateam of engineers and installers capable of designing and carrying out solar projects.

The network has also reached Austria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia,Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria,the Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Romania,San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland,Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine. In all these countries PROINSO is now supplying materials.

Among other benefits, Qualified Installers can rely on the PROINSO professional team, includingengineers and legal advisors, who can answer their questions or respond to their needs. Inaddition, they get training on new releases and have access to all PROINSO products in stock.Qualified Installers do not have to buy PROINSO's modules, inverters, trackers, or fixedstructures. "This gives them freedom to optimise results and enhance competitiveness,"PROINSO sources explain.

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