BEFINE, a Manufacturing Company for Apple Accessories, to Take Part in 'China Global Sourcing Fair 2011'
[ Dabin Yang 2011-10-06 ]  

BEFINE (representative Eun-Ha Go,, a company specializing in manufacturing accessories for Apple and IT, is participating in 'China Global Sourcing Fair 2011,' which's the Asia's biggest exhibition in IT accessories held in Hong Kong, from Oct 12 to 15.

BEFINE will present their anchor product 'Color Keyskin,' 'Plus Pad,' a pad for Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Track Pad, and Magic Mouse, and iPad case, laptop case, and functional screen protection film.

Particularly, Plus Pad, which's dragging attentions of Apple manias as it's recently released in Korean market, is expected to be a hot issue among buyers and visitors from all over the world as it's an innovative product that provides comfortable and stable working environment by its peculiar design looking like puzzles and since its body produced with silicon.

Furthermore, Color Keyskin (the picture right above), which's producible regardless of shape of keyboard, language, and color, and Boussole (the picture below), a brand of miscellaneous goods for IT with high quality and differentiated sense by collaboration with a designer who's mainly working on bags, are also forecasted to enter into overseas market.

A marketer of BEFINE said, "This exhibition will be a chance for us to prove our innovative design and superior manufacturing technology in the global market. We'll constantly launch products for making IT lives of our consumers richer and more convenient".

The booth name/number: KOREA SOURCING FAIR (HALL 5) / 5D36

Inquiries: +82-70-4148-6001,

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