Visbyh to Unveil 'SLENDER CASE' for Galaxy S2 at the end of August
[ Dabin Yang 2011-08-24 ]  

Visbyh ( announced on August 23 that it's going to launch 'SLENDER CASE' for Galaxy S2 containing Swedish modernity and elegant sentiment with excellent color sense.

SLENDER CASE makes Galaxy S2 look slimmer with its thin size and is easy to carry as a fashion item thanks to light weight.

In addition, it uses LEXAN, which's endurable and flexible, for protecting the device and is not easily deformed or damaged. SF (Soft Feeling) coating is processed on the exterior for giving soft touch just like touching a crayon.

SLENDER CASE for Galaxy S2 is compatible with SKT and KT and the price is 29,000 (KRW), including VAT.

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