AEONAZ to Launch 'Polar Bear', Galaxy S2 Case with Easy Battery Exchange
[ Dabin Yang 2011-07-19 ]  

AEONAZ (representative Woo-Jin Kim, recently released 'Polar Bear', a Galaxy S2 case, which battery is easily exchangeable.

The newly introduced Polar Bear emits heat generated during using mobile phones by applying aluminum heat sink. Earphones cover and camera cover prevent foreign substances from coming inside the phone in advance. Moreover, battery is easily exchangeable by using back cover of the case.

Polar Bear is strong against damage by using TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane with high strength and shock absorption, and plastic PC.

It's currently purchasable on 11st and Gmarket and the price is 27,000 (KRW).

Inquiries: +82-70-8272-3311

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