Philips to Introduce Ultra Quiet and Efficient Vacuum Cleaner 'Silent Star FC 930'
[ Mia Eun 2011-01-24 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> Philips(representative Kim Tae-young,, a leading company in health and wellbeing, introduced very strong but ultra quiet vacuum cleaner 'Silent Star FC930'.

Silent Star is a vacuum cleaner with high-tech and low power-consuming HD motor and its high-tech Aerodynamic soundproof functionality at a nozzle and body makes it possible for you to clean up quietly at late night.

Hepa 13 filter possible for water cleaning filters fine dusts out up to 99.95%. It also raised user convenience with a handle for moving and a Parquet nozzle for cleaning up hard floor and hairs.

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