PNY announced new SD CARD ADAPTER at CES 2011
[ Sena Moon 2011-01-06 ]  

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'CES 2011') -- <Visual News> PNY announced new SD CARD ADAPTER at CES 2011

PNY'S SD CARD ADAPTER is a new generation iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch accessory to further enhance your mobile lifestyle. The SD Card Adapter is a flash card reader that not only lets you add storage, but also unlocks media capabilities on your Apple devices, so you can share and view more photos, audio & video media, as well as your documents and files.

Enhances media capabilities to view and share different file types, and Expands your digital storage while offering easy file access.

SD Card Adapter can transfer images, music, and video clips between your Apple handheld devices, cameras, and PCs View and share more file types: HTML, MP3s, JPGs, PDFs, Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), and video files such as MPEG-4, MOV, and H.264 SD and SDHC card reader compatible with all generations of the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone

<AVING Special Report Team for 2011 International CES: Ideak Kim, Kevin Choi, Joseph Choi, Paul Shin, Jun Lim, Dong-Kwan Kim, Ashley Kim, Sohpia Kwag, Mia Eun, Sena Moon, Jiny Kim, Astin Jung>

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