Samsung Electronics, releases new product 'Zipel oven' to satisfy Koreans' tastes
[ Sophia Kwag 2010-08-24 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> Samsung Electronics has released 'Zipel oven', a convenient new product which can make just the right food to suit Koreans' tastes and introduces the cooking order through voice recording as well.

The recently released Samsung Zipel oven is composed of 3 complex heat sources, oven •grill• microwave, and can decrease salinity and fat through its function to heat food by using steam of high temperature.

Especially, there are 105 automatic cooking menus, 55 manual menus; total 160 cooking methods input in the Samsung Zipel oven in all, and the calorie figure of the food is shown on the display box during the entire cooking process.

In design, diffused reflection pattern was applied to add cubic affect to the oven pattern, designed an aluminum handle for a soft touch, and used glass touch control for the first time to give the product a completely prestigious interior look.

Director Dong Hoon Shin of the Samsung Electronics life houseware business sector said "the Zipel oven which helps cooking in an easy and fast way is a product which can reduce housewives' laboring hours by huge amounts", and that "the corporation will widen the oven market with well being cooking, developing just the right menus to fit Koreans' tastes."

The prestige Zipel oven is sold at around 592 USD, and the distributive Zipel oven without the steam function can be found in stores all around the country at around 254 USD.

Global News Network 'AVING'
by Sophia Kwag (

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