Scommtech, Releases Mpeon 3D Navigation 'UFO'
[ Sophia Kwag 2010-08-23 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> Scommtech has recently released Mpeon navigation 'UGO(model name:SEN-230)' loaded with a 3D map.

Mpeon 'UFO', named as such due to the circle form of the backside of the navigation, is loaded with a 1.3GHz CPU to allow an active service of the 3D map, and provides strong multimedia functions such as clip players, other than searching locations.

In addition, the UI with its full touch type exterior design and a design to maximize the usage of Jog remote control, helps the driver to drive safely and comfortably.

Such an improvement in perfomance played a great role in winning the Red dot, one of the 3 major design awards in the globe, and successively the iF design award, for the first time.

The biggest characterization of 'UFO' is that you can receive 'highway traffic information' such as the front communication information, traffic news flash, and highpass fee information by connecting the existing highpass by way of USB.

Its merits are that the newest traffic information are automatically updated for free in situations where regulating cameras change places frequently and dangerous areas, traffic situations need to be reported on the spot. You can also receive a navigation service at the Samsung Service Center.

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