Sparkling motion control MP3 player "Yepp YP-S1"
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SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> When I first got the product to write a review, I first asked which company made it. When I saw the Samsung logo, I was taken aback. Most of the Samsung Yepp products have a chic modern design with a right mix of curves and straight lines, making the products look elegant and non tiring.

However, this product was different from the general perception of Samsung designs. As a pure MP3 player without multi functions, it was small enough so as to not require an LCD, but the design was in itself strikingly different. The design was indeed not Samsung like, blowing in life into the product and drawing attention.

Where is the button?

I tried to operate YP-S1 with its chic design without reading the manual and turned it around to find the button. But it wasn't easy to find it. One entire side was used as the button without protrusion, which I found out only by pressing. There was only one button.

If you press hard the button~ the power turns on. Then, depending on where you put the button, different functions operate. If you put the button up, the volume goes up. If you put it down, the volume goes down. If you put it horizontally, it moves to the next song. Depending on how I move the body, different buttons start different operations.

No multi~! Only ONE

YP-S1 is purely an MP3 player with a cute design that can be controlled through motion. Because multi players with various functions are mainly sold in the market, it is surprising that a player for only MP3 has been produced.

YP-S1's product specifications

The product is not controlled through an LCD screen but through a 3 LED indicator. And it is distinctive in that one can recharge, manage files, and play back music on a PC with the jack + USB cable. Also it supports various formats of sound source play back. DNse 3.0, Samsung's sound field technology, is also well established.

Necklace? Accessory? Both ok~!

It is about the size of an adult woman finger's joint measuring 17.5 x 17.5 x 35.9mm. It weights 12 kg, light enough to wear it as a necklace without worrying of it falling. It is nice in that it is small and light enough to wear it on the neck with a clip or carry it in the pocket without it weighing down. I used to for light walks and jogging and it could be carried quite comfortably.

In terms of the design, the use of a case that can be fixed with a small clip enables attaching it quite comfortably anywhere. This means that one can use it as an accessory when going out. Attaching it on a bag or pocket book is also cute.

Cute, kernel type earphone with great performance

The sound quality of YP-S1 earphones was quite satisfactory. At high tones, it lacked a bit of power, but the rich low tones and beats were conveyed live. The kernel type earphones block somehow sound coming from outside, enhancing sound quality.

However, the fact that it better blocks external sound compared to general earphones means that at high volume, one can lack awareness of external sound. One therefore needs to be particularly careful of one's environment. Also, if to protect hearing capacity, it is good not to use them for long or at high volume.

Recharging and managing with an ear jack

Generally, while most MP3 players use an USB jack to connect to a PC, YP-S1 connects to the cradle with an ear jack. Then, it connects to a PC using an USB jack. It is inserted into the jack, and if connected to a PC, two functions operate.

First, it is recharging. If connected, it is recharged as usual. Second, it is recognizing it as a mobile disc. While it is recharged, one can also save or organize music files.

Program for YP-S1 only

If connected to a PC, an automated message asking if one would like to run a program appears. If one clicks yes, a program runs. A program as cute as YP-S1 operates. Called TicToc, the program is as good as other MP3 players used in a PC environment. It is light and simple for comfortable use.

Of course, one can add or delete play back files like a mobile disc using this program. Further, one can analyze the tempo and set for automated voice information when reading files.

One can recharge on a PC as well as listen to music. The program is provided in order not only to help the ease of basic control in a PC environment, but also to listen to music while recharging on a PC, showing how much attention was paid to user convenience.

Easy control through motion = fun control

Not only is the product designed with a simple button, but the button is also almost invisible. The cubic box looks as if it would roll like a dice if rolled.

As chic as the design, the control is also chic. This makes it all the more fun to control it. On the other hand, because there is no LCD, one must admit from the start that there could be inconveniences in controlling it. It is quite evident that searching for a song with the eyes by skipping and searching is quicker. However, YP-S1 has a cool control function that can well dissipate such discomfort.

The power can be turned on/off by pressing for long. If it is pressed with the + sign up, the volume goes up, and vice versa. I personally got accustomed to it quite easily after a couple of times. At first, I used both hands, but later, I easily moved it with one hand and now, I can move it even without looking at it. I used it for only a week, but I feel quite comfortable with it as if I had used it for long. As far as getting adjusted to the product's control system is concerned, I would say that one is not to worry.

If the button is pressed once while the player is on the side, it moves to the next song and if pressed quickly twice, it moves to the previous song. If pressed quickly three times, it moves between folders. This is also easily adaptable that it is no problem. Separately saving and organizing folders are no different to other MP3 players requiring no other specific measures.

Voice information comes out when turning on the power and when the battery recharging has reached 100 percent. When moving between folders also, a TTS voice informs the next folder. Further, if one wants to know basic information about a played back song, one only needs to shake it. Then, a TTS voice informs the singer and title of the song.

Listening to music according to tempo by shaking it

Other than informing the singer and title of a song when shaking it, other hidden functions are imbedded in the product. If shaken more than twice, one can change the play back mode. The play back mode changes in the order of general - random – fast songs – slow songs. In the case of fast and slow songs, one can analyze them using the TicToc program. As it doesn't' take much time, it is advisable to do it before safely deleting a song from the hardware after completing file management.

By using the shake mode, one can comfortably listen to slow music in a calm environment or when taking a light walk, as well as listen to quick music when jogging or doing exercise. Depending on the situation, one can select the music, making it highly valuable as a product closely connected to real life.

Cute and pure MP3 player TicToc YP-S1

YP-S1 is purely an easily portable and usable MP3 player with a cute design without other miscellaneous functions. In particular, I used it mostly to exercise and it was nice that I could comfortably carry it in my pocket. While most MP3 players nowadays are as big as a cell phone, making it cumbersome to carry them around when exercising because they weigh much and are big, YP-S1 is small and light enough. When running, an equipment inevitably shakes. I was therefore afraid that I would end up controlling the equipment through the motion functions, but such a problem did not occur.

Multifunctional products definitely have their advantage for being usable for various functions. However, that inevitably enlarges the equipment that it unfortunately cannot be used in all environments.

People said that products with only one function would disappear with the appearance of multifunctional devices, but products with basic functions still appeal to customers in the big market. One pure function makes clear the product's concept. In that aspect, it appeals to customers looking for a particular function to be used in all environments.

As only an MP3 player, YP-S1 is a simply designed product without the weight and size of previous products. If you are looking for a product that can be comfortably carried around while taking a walk, exercising, and going out, you should definitely look into YP-S1.

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