Café Beverage Specialized Brand 'Sweet Page' got HACCP certificates
[ Lee Eun Sil 2021-03-09 ]  

Beverage total solution company, Cellplus obtained HACCP certificates for its main brands by the last February.

Cellplus has a unique brand named 'Sweet Page', a café powder specialized brand presenting a revolutionary taste. About 100 products of 'Sweet Page' have been certified that they are produced under more scientific, sanitary and safer food safety system.

The HACCP certificates that Cellplus obtained are for six types of foods including sugar processed food, processed food, coffee, snack, etc. Currently Cellplus has both HACCP and ISO 22000 certificates to show its confidence about the quality of products.  

Cellplus is a company specialized in R&D, production and distribution of Food & Beverage ingredients including powder, syrup, sauce and puree for café, bakery and restaurants.

It's high-quality products satisfy everyone's favor in both domestic and international markets, especially in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The factory producing HACCP products is located in Yongin while Cellplus Studio runs beverage education and solutions in Seoul, Busan and Jeju.

Mr. Chae, the CEO of Cellplus said, "I expect Cellplus's HACCP products help our partners make their business move forward. Cellplus is developing and promoting advanced products to follow the current market trend. Please check our new product lines; caramel & chocolate source, topping cookie series and purees. You will be surprised by their visual, taste and quality."

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