Optical convergence medical company Linkoptics launches Luminiel- Kim Sung-kyung patch
[ Jane Lee 2021-02-22 ]  

- TV star Kim Sung-kyung signs a PR model contract for Linkoptics

- TV commercial for the whitening and wrinkle improvement Kim Sung-kyung LED patch to air

Linkoptics (CEO Choi Yong-won), an optical convergence medical company, has released a wireless LED patch to improve wrinkles around the eyes. The company has signed a PR model contract with a famous TV star Kim Sung-kyung for Luminiel and is conducting national and international online and offline marketing.

Luminiel was created by using the previously obtained clinical results in the beauty field. And, with passing CB test and acquiring certifications like CE, FDA, and KC, it helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes and whitening.  It has secured reliability in terms of being a clinically-based high-tech company product in the medical field, and has improved side effects and discomfort when using existing LED masks such as ocular conjunctivitis and melasma.

One of the notable points is that it was selected as an innovative SME TV commercial support project by KOBACO in recognition of its competitiveness such as sufficient optical energy based on clinical trials on topical areas and wireless method. Linkoptics will receive fund of up to 10.5 billion won for TV commercial to air on channels like KBS and MBC for three years.

CEO Choi Yong-won said, "I would like to introduce the excellence of optical convergence medical technology by introducing Kim Sung-kyung LED patch, which is directly produced by a clinical-based medical company in Korea and abroad."

Designated as the government's high-tech company (anti-aging solution using optical fiber-No. 145), Linkoptics is a medical device specialist that was established in 2004 and received the Presidential Citation and Prime Minister's Award, and MSIT Minister's Award, along with 124 patents. As a leading company in the optical convergence medical field, the company is conducting clinical trial for five major diseases such as bedsores at five general hospitals including Dankook University Hospital (on 280 subjects).

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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