KHIDI supports six health industry startups in response to the post-COVID era
[ Jane Lee 2021-02-22 ]  

The general public, the industry, and the medical community all predicted that the importance of the health industry in the post-COVID era will increase. The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) conducted a survey on public awareness of the health industry for about a month from September 23 to October 30 last year, and 85% of the people agreed on the importance of the health industry.

In preparation for the post-COVID era, KHIDI has started supporting six promising health industry startups in Korea, and the company is preparing to enter the global market as a Korean company as well as in Korea. △Eco&Rich △MedKit △Home Doctor △IF △Cure-in △GEN FIT

Eco&Rich developed implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis by utilizing 3D printing and casting technology

Eco&Rich (CEO Jeon, Jin-Hun) has developed an implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis. The company staff said, "The dental laboratory Eco&Rich has proven research and technological prowess to publish a paper in the world's top journals, in Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry and Journal of Prosthodontic Research. Our implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis (substructure + superstructure) guarantees outstanding precision, biocompatibility, and safety."

He then said, "We solved the problem of cracking or breaking of the existing implant ceramic crown upper prosthesis by using 3D printing and casting technology. Since there is no need to make it again, it is time and cost efficient, and provides efficiency to the customers. We are manufacturing dental prostheses customized to the international standards at reasonable prices."

MedKit develops digital therapeutics aimed at "gamification of medical treatment"

MedKit is developing digital therapeutics that aim to gamify treatment by using augmented reality technology. The company staff said, "MedKit is a company that develops digital therapeutics. Digital therapeutics helps to manage lifelong diseases such as autism, diabetes, and depression that last a lifetime and have no obvious treatment options. MedKit aims for the gamification of treatment. We make it easy to participate by making the treatment rules as games. This has already been developed by many companies, and it is being advanced. MedKit provides generalization and continuation of treatment so that hospital treatment rules can be followed in daily life."

He then said, "MedKit presents a solution that preserves the advantages of advanced digital therapeutics and improves the disadvantages. We will develop behavior therapy and social improvement games for high-skilled children. The most important thing is generalization, verification, and sustainability. For generalization, we will use augmented reality technology to improve the effect, and we will get approval from MFDS by more definite medical verification by using IoT, wearable devices, and MRI.

Home Doctor develops visiting medical platform for the elderly living in the community

Home Doctor is developing a visiting medical platform that enables continuous on-site medical care by improving the accessibility of patients and organizing an efficient visit process for medical personnel. The company staff said, "By continuously collecting data of actual patients, we would like to become the foundation for personalized medical care. We plan to provide evidence-based medical services by collecting various data such as economy, housing, and environment as well as patient medical data through actual visiting medical services."

"We will present an easy and fast system by establishing a visiting medical platform that can connect the visiting medical system built by regions. We will support various activities such as continuous patient monitoring, patient food delivery, wearable device and digital therapeutic development using the visiting medical platform."

IF to develop electronic devices for the public health with anger control reaction bracelet, nail biting correction ring, and eco-friendly energy insole

IF (CEO Choi Hyun-bae) would like to contribute to the public's mental health through electronic devices, and it is developing unique products with the slogan "Incorporating psychology into engineering." Currently, IF is developing the anger control reaction bracelet that detects and informs anger in advance, nail biting correction ring that can correct nail biting habit, and eco-friendly energy insole that automatically recharges the battery while walking.

The nail-biting correction ring can correct unconscious behavior by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) when exhaling and starting buzzer whenever nail biting occurs, which is when the finger is near the mouth and lasts for more than one second. The company staff said, "Although we are a small company, we would like to make high-quality product that can raise the pride of Korea and contribute to the health of the people, and we will try to embrace those in need."

Cure-in develops MRI image-guided automated breast biopsy robot system

Cure-in is developing an MRI image-guided automated breast biopsy robot system that can reduce MRI breast biopsy time from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to 25-40 minutes. A company staff from Cure-in said, "By developing the medical robot that help the doctors to diagnoses and treats cancer quickly and accurately, we want pave the way to become the global company that can give the medical staff confidence and trust, and patients comfort. Currently, we are under the final commercialization of the MRI image-guided automated breast biopsy robot system which we developed in the National Cancer Center as a research project in the global market."

He then said, "Our robotic system can be used without modifying the existing MRI equipment or breast coal, so the hospitals can keep using the equipment they have and perform the automated breast biopsy. It has a curved biopsy needle that passes through a narrow space in the gantry. It is equipped with an adapter device that can connect the existing breast coil without disassembling/modifying it." He added, "If there is a bold and long-term investment of research fund and interest, I think Korea can lead the field of international MRI-guided interventions."

GEN FIT develops Jet Fit, a muscle function correction device for wrinkle reducing, teeth whitening, and sleep apnea improvement

GEN FIT (CEO Son Jin-hee) developed GEN FIT, a muscle function correction device that can reduce wrinkles, whiten teeth, and improve sleep quality. The company staff said, "GEN FIT is an ergonomically designed device that can  reduce wrinkles, whiten teeth, and improve sleep apnea without side effects from surgeries. Also, we are preparing to launch oral products that can be used with the device such as tooth whitening agents."

He then said, "In the past, surgery was the way to remove the nasolabial wrinkles. But by wearing the patented GEN FIT, people can reduce their nasolabial wrinkles just by wearing them. It can be worn comfortably without the burden of side effects of the procedure." About the future business plans, he said, "We would like to launch products that offer a variety of choices by establishing a lineup for each usage. Also, we would like to promote our product's effectiveness by participating in dental fairs, exhibitions, and conferences, and at the time, we are going to promote the product in online and offline channels, to make our product brand known and built the image."

KHIDI is a public institution that professionally and systematically conducts support projects to strengthen international competitiveness in the health industry and improve public health. In addition to expanding investment in health care technology R&D, we have been leading the strengthening of domestic and overseas competitiveness of the health industry, such as medical services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, beauty cosmetics, age-friendly, foreign patients attraction, and overseas expansion of medical systems. Also, we are steadily fostering health care star companies by supporting global technology commercialization for SMEs specializing in the health industry such as pharmaceuticals, bios, and medical devices.

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