[MIK Startup] IF proclaims the contribution to people's mental health with electronic devices
[ Jane Lee 2021-02-16 ]  

IF (CEO Choi Hyun-bae) would like to contribute to the public's mental health through electronic devices, and it is developing unique products with the slogan "Incorporating psychology into engineering." Currently, IF is researching an anger control reaction bracelet that detects and informs anger in advance, a nail-biting correction ring that can correct nail-biting habit, and an eco-friendly energy insole that automatically recharges the battery while walking.

The nail-biting correction ring can correct unconscious behavior by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) when exhaling and starting buzzer whenever nail biting occurs, which is when the finger is near the mouth and lasts for more than one second.

The automatic filling heated insole is manufactured in the form of a shoe insole. A 2500mA battery is mounted on one side, and when worn on both shoes, the battery capacity totals 5000mA. When walking, 1mA is produced per step, and when you walk 5,000 steps, charging is completed and overcharging is prevented. Also, a heated wire is embedded inside the insole made of carbon mat, being useful for outdoor activities in winter. In particular, a remote controller in the form of a ring or necklace is provided to enable wireless control without taking off shoes in winter.

The company staff said, "Although we are a small company, we would like to make high-quality product that can raise the pride of Korea and contribute to the health of the people, and we will try to embrace those in need."

Global News Network 'AVING'
by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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