[MIK Startup] Home Doctor develops visiting medical platform for the elderly living in the community
[ Jane Lee 2021-02-16 ]  

In line with the aging population, Home Doctor was established to help provide medical service for the elderly and disabled who have difficulty using medical services. AVING News met Home Doctor to find out about the platform it is currently developing.

Q. Please introduce your company briefly.

A. Home Doctors aims to improve patient's access to medical care by constructing a visiting medical platform, and gain sustainability of visiting medical care by constructing an efficient visiting process for doctors and other medical personnel.

Furthermore, by continuously collecting data of actual patients, we would like to become the foundation for personalized medical care. We plan to provide evidence-based medical services by collecting various data such as economy, housing, and environment as well as patient medical data through actual visiting medical services.

Q. What is the competitiveness of Home Doctor's visiting medical platform?

A. We can solve unmet medical care for the vulnerable by providing direct visits. Also, by varying the visit cycle according to the multiphasic evaluation result of the patients, we can support "aging in place."

Also, visiting medical treatment with low rent, interior cost, and equipment investment allows business owners to stably enter the market when using the platform. The elderly have complex health problems, so professional medical personnel can share a pool of patients.

We should also pay attention to the combination of analog healthcare and digital healthcare. Because doctors make the visits directly, there are only few legal restrictions on the application of ICT technology. Through in-person visits, you can collect full and detailed information, and by combining it with ICT technology, you can create a hybrid healthcare that combines analog and digital.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. We would like to expand the pool of visiting medical patients. We would like to expand the patient pool by organically linking with related organizations in the local community to lay the groundwork for sustainable visiting medical care.

Up to now, we are getting about one request from one home visit welfare center. If we actively make network and increase the number of cooperating home visit welfare centers, we can form a patient pool of 100 persons by 2021, which is how many one doctor can handle.

We are also going to implement the visiting medical system. Visiting medical service will be expanded to service areas such as rehabilitation, exercise, nutrition, and oral hygiene, starting with visits by doctors and nurses which have compensation.

We are planning to build an effective visiting medical system by organically integrating various visiting medical services, and expand these systems to areas other than Suwon, the city we have started the service.

In addition, by establishing a visiting medical platform that can connect the visiting medical system built by regions, we will organically connect the visiting medical institutions in the country to connect the visiting medical service and patients quickly and easily nationwide. We will support various activities such as continuous patient monitoring, patient food delivery, wearable device and digital therapeutic development using the visiting medical platform.

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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