[MIK Startup] MedKit aims for gamification of treatment in digital therapeutics
[ Jane Lee 2021-02-16 ]  

MedKit is developing digital therapeutics that aim to gamify treatment by using augmented reality technology.

The company staff said, "MedKit is a company that develops digital therapeutics. Digital therapeutics helps to manage lifelong diseases such as autism, diabetes, and depression that last a lifetime and have no obvious treatment options. MedKit aims for the gamification of treatment. We make it easy to participate by making the treatment rules as games. This has already been developed by many companies, and it is being advanced. MedKit provides generalization and continuation of treatment so that hospital treatment rules can be followed in daily life."

He then said, "MedKit presents a solution that preserves the advantages of advanced digital therapeutics and improves the disadvantages. We will develop behavior therapy and social improvement games for high-skilled children. The most important thing is generalization, verification, and sustainability. For generalization, we will use augmented reality technology to improve the effect, and we will get approval from MFDS  by more definite medical verification by using IoT, wearable devices, and MRI.

As for the future plan, he said, "We will apply this solution to mental disorders such as depression. We will use AI technology to create a chatbot and augmented reality platform that can develop social skills for children who cannot go to school and practice social skills due to social distance. We are preparing to enter the US by global accelerating business. We are discussing with US investors, and in Korea, we are negotiating investment with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital."

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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