[CES 2021 All Digital] Kyocera unveils duraforce ultra 5G Uw, First Ultra-Rugged Android smartphonefor Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband Network
[ Na Ra Shin 2021-01-12 ]  

Kyocera unveiled its first 5G ultra-rugged Android smartphone today, DuraForce Ultra 5G UW, which delivers ultra-durability, ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low latency on the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (UW) network. DuraForce Ultra 5G builds on Kyocera's 10+ years of rugged device expertise to create the most advanced, rugged smartphone to date for public safety, enterprise, small business and adventurous consumers alike.

The first rugged device on the Verizon 5G UW Network1, DuraForce Ultra 5G leverages the best-in-class Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G mobile platform coupled with a 5th generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to optimize the experience of the network's 25x faster download speeds and low latency2 for seamless performance. Kyocera's virtually scratchproof Sapphire Shield™ protects both the 5.45-inch FHD+ bright display and high-resolution cameras on the back. DuraForce Ultra 5G is Kyocera's toughest, most durable smartphone to date, certified military standard 810H (MIL-STD-810H) to withstand drops of up to 5 feet directly onto concrete, water immersion (IPX6/IPX8*), dust (IP6X*), extreme temperatures, salt, fog, solar, shock, hazardous work environments and more. HazLoc certified, the device is protected in Class I, Division 2 classified hazardous locations. And, when it's been put through the wringer all day, it can be washed off and disinfected to start over fresh the next day.

DuraForce Ultra 5G is an ideal workforce solution for industries with loud, harsh operating conditions, or forconsumers who need their technology to keep up with their outdoor adventures.

Three cameras open up a new worldDuraForce Ultra 5G ratchets up the toughness and speed with 5G connectivity and the Snapdragon 765Gchipset, which unites 5G and Augmented Reality (AR) to power breakthrough speeds for media,entertainment, intelligent multi-camera capabilities and extended battery life. The ultra-bright display withAdvanced Outdoor Viewing and three cameras – 24MP main camera with dual LED flash, 16MP wide angle plus 8MP front-facing – open up a world of visual possibilities with a plethora of new camera featuresincluding:

• Time of Flight – for fast auto-focus
• 4-Cell Pixel Binning – four cells combine into one Super Cell to enhance images in dynamic lighting conditions (portrait mode only)
• Super Night Vision – using multi-frame technology, scenes are detected in grids; noise, brightness and sharpness are improved frame by frame
• Underwater Camera Mode – captures clear video and images when fully immersed in water
• Action Overlay – provides outdoor enthusiasts the ability to add elapsed time, distance, speed, Gforce, altitude, date/time and map of route traveled to photos and videos

Rugged Augmented Reality for Public Safety, Construction, Consumers & More
Augmented reality (AR) is truly a reality with DuraForce Ultra 5G, ARCore Certified for extended reality (XR)experiences including virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Home decorators and DIYers can visualize newfurniture and design choices in their space with ultra-realistic 3D models – and buy them simultaneously fromthe smartphone. Students can leverage the latest educational apps to enhance distance learning. Digital toolslike interactive history lessons bring ancient exhibits from museums around the world to 3D life. AR-enhancedvisual search apps identify and explain items in students' environments ─ everything from wildlife and plants totourist attractions. Immersive apps like Building Information Modeling (BIM) enable architects, engineers andconstruction firms to collaborate on projects in 3D CAD so designs, schedules and costs can be created andshared directly from the smartphone.

"As mobile workers become a rising share of the U.S. workforce, a rugged smartphone optimized for 5G speedand productivity will become a crucial business investment," said Akira Iino, Vice President at Kyocera'sCommunications Equipment Group. "5G speeds with AR and AI have immense potential to transform theworkplace, but any shortfall in performance will ruin the experience. With DuraForce Ultra 5G, Kyocera nowoffers the perfect combination of an ultra-rugged device with rich features, 5G speeds with ultra-low latency,and an optimized chipset to make a real impact on the mobile experience for businesses, public safety,consumers and more."

Connectivity, productivity and reliability
DuraForce Ultra 5G makes enterprise users more successful with a wide range of productivity and connectivitytools, customizable with three tactile programmable buttons. Since large data and video files collected fromthe field can be transmitted quickly with 5G, remote workers can easily collaborate, saving precious time andfrustration. Mobile video streaming, video conferencing with colleagues and multitasking with multiple appssimultaneously becomes a snap.

This is the absolute loudest and clearest Kyocera device to date performing in ultra-noisy environments with106dB broadband audio, ultra-loud dual front speakers and four noise-cancelling mics. Cellular/Wi-Fi callingwith HD voice is crystal clear, and both Push-to-Talk Plus** (PTT+) and Mission-Critical PTT** (MCPTT) areeasily accessible with programmable PTT and international orange SOS** button for emergency alerts.

Indoor performance has been optimized with enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for large buildings plus Wi-Fi roaming andQoS support, precise indoor positioning with 802.11mc and dual-band GPS as well as Wi-Fi hotspotconnectivity for up to 10 devices. The device also supports Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for robustprivate networks.

A variety of features enhance worker productivity. The touchscreen is designed to work when wet or withgloves, and facial recognition authentication (plus fingerprint security sensor) ensure ease-of-use in anyworkplace or situation. Covert Mode, ideal for public safety, eliminates sound, notifications and light emissionsat the touch of a button. Focus Mode can temporarily turn off non-work related or unwanted notifications andreduce distractions on the job or in the virtual classroom.

Precision-engineered in Japan and TAA compliant, textured edges and angled corners with bumpers have beenadded to DuraForce Ultra 5G for superior grip and durability. Kyocera's standard two-year warranty includeswater damage and the battery to protect business' tech investment. The large 4500mAh durable lithiumpolymer battery provides enough power to get through even the longest workday and can be charged via USB,Qi Wireless and charging contacts; battery care and eco-mode optimize ongoing battery usage, perfect forpower users.

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Home page links : https://global.kyocera.com/

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