NAMUTECH unveils Smart DX Solution at CES 2021
[ Jane Lee 2021-01-12 ]  

- NAMUTECH targets the global market with the integrated digital transformation solution 'Smart DX Solution'

- Leading growth with digital transformation solutions... Aims to double sales by 2025

- Launches a new digital transformation brand with Smart Cloud, Smart Big Data, Smart AI, Smart City

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung is presenting Smart DX Solution at CES Press Conference.

NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) showcased Smart DX Solution, its digital transformation product line, to Korea and the global market at CES 2021.

Presenting competitiveness and future growth strategies through digital transformation by cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, and smart cities

NAMUTECH is exhibiting in CES for the second time this year. As a company that specializes in cloud, AI, big data, smart city, it promotes the future corporate value and introduces the digital transformation solution applied in the entire industry.

NAMUTECH introduced its digital conversion solution "Smart DX Solution" through the CES 2021 online press conference, and presented cloud, AI, big data, and smart city strategies optimized for enterprises.

Smart DX Solution provides a one-stop digital transformation service to customers with unparalleled performance and innovative features. Through this, companies can efficiently manage IT resources with upgraded functions and reasonable prices.

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said, "We have completed the preparation to challenge high-growth innovation business with Smart DX Solution. We will bring out innovation in various industries with outstanding technological competitiveness."

Smart DX Solution

Jung added, "We will actively help digital transformation through the strength of Smart DX Solution, representing the enhancement of productivity and business competitiveness through automation, customization, and convergence."

At the press conference as he presented the 23.3K vision, he expressed his ambition to make NAMUTECH worth 300 billion won in corporate value by 2023.

Basing on cloud technology, NAMUTECH plans to open a business specialized for each business, such as manufacturing, finance, and the public, by integrating technology and know-how applied to various services and solutions.

Smart DX Solution to help digital transformation of companies unveiled

Smart DX Solution to be launched at CES 2021 is a digital transformation integrated brand that provides unparalleled convergence services developed and optimized by NAMUTECH and its subsidiaries and affiliates. It consists of Smart Cloud, Smart AI, Smart Big Data, and Smart City.

By launching them this time, the company laid the foundation for further strengthening its cloud, AI, big data, and smart city business portfolios. The company provides an integrated solution and customized solution according to the ever-changing era and will focus on acquiring new customers.

In addition, by providing integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for mid-sized and SMEs, the company plans to deliver digital innovation of the company in a single package.

NAMUTECH plans to open a business specialized for each business, such as manufacturing, finance, and the public, by integrating technology and know-how applied to various services and solutions.

The company staff said, "To meet customer requests and increase competitiveness in the diversifying IT service market, we launched an integrated Smart DX Solution package. By improving productivity and enhancing business competitiveness through automation and using the strengths of Smart DX Solution such as customization and convergence, we will actively help digital transformation."

Smart Cloud provides the core platform for the cloud infrastructure. Users can manage their platform components and run their applications according to the cloud native environment. It provides a full PaaS and IaaS environment to organizations in a convenient UI-based manner allowing for simple operation of the cloud.

Smart Big Data is a cloud-based data science platform that delivers various convergence analysis from visualization solutions to text mining and data mining machine learning statistics. It provides import transaction big data, graph analytics to compute graph measures, and machine learning to classify and regress using graph features.

Smart AI develops products using machine learning and data, improves business productivity, and achieves successful digital innovation for customers. It enables its users to leverage the MLOps with seamless support of machine learning services by managing the machine learning lifecycle, model training and tests, model deployment and executions, dataset preparations, and auto hyper-parameter tuning.

Smart City provides a platform for solving diverse city problems and storing city data to realize a convenient city life through AI and big data technology analysis. It provides an AI-ICBM technology and hybrid cloud service-based smart city platform with different essential applications and technologies across energy, safety, environment, and mobility.

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