K-Startup Pavilion set up in CES 2021 Online Exhibition Hall
[ Jane Lee 2021-01-11 ]  

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced, "Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, CES 2021 will be held all digital, and MSS has built a K-Startup pavilion to raise the status of Korean startups." Also, MSS emphasized that it will actively promote the online K-Startup hall in Korea and abroad through media, YouTubers, and crowdfunding platforms around the world.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world's largest consumer electronics show held annually in Las Vegas, is scheduled to be held entirely online from January 11 to 14 this year.

All of the events at CES 2021 is to be held entirely online this year, and this is drawing attention from innovators around the world. There will be 11 innovative technology areas including 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), advertising, entertainment and contents, automobiles, blockchain, health and happy life, home and family, video entertainment, product design and manufacturing, robots and machine intelligence, sports, and startups to be introduced at the show that will change your lifestyle.

According to the organizer Consumer Technology Association (CTA), large and mid-sized companies like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics as well as startups supported by the MSS will be participating ins CES 2021. The number of Korean companies participating this year is 300, which would be the second-largest after the US.


There are 97 startups participating through the K-STARTUP Pavilion. Among them, Luple, M2S Korea, SoftPV and HHS received CES 20201 innovation award for the portable sunlight solution Olly, VROR EYE DR, soft cell solar cell, and bio-signal processing based safety monitoring systems, boasting the excellence of Korean startups to the world.

K-Startup Innovative Companies Video@CES2021

Ninety-seven companies participating in the K-startup hall are as follows.

▲LUPLE Inc. ▲Moneybrain Inc. ▲M2S ▲THINKBLANK Co., Ltd ▲Mirint Co., Ltd ▲MirrorRoid Korea ▲SEEANN SOLUTION ▲WeMEMS ▲Huject ▲InterMinds ▲CBH Inc. ▲RainCircle ▲JM smart Inc. ▲Creamo Inc. ▲Augmented Knowledge ▲AU ▲MCK Tech Co., Ltd ▲Little One Inc. ▲ISENTECH Co., Ltd ▲COBALT Inc. ▲Genieworks ▲Espreso Media Co., Ltd ▲Tech on Vision Co., Ltd ▲Hyunsung ▲Chungsoo Industry Inc. ▲Humatech Co., Ltd ▲CPD Group ▲MUZLIVE Inc. ▲Popcorn SAR ▲Nexustech ▲C.MON (Creative Monster) Corp. ▲GEC (Gentle Energy Group) ▲DNABOY Co. Ltd. ▲Core Safety ▲TEEware ▲ARTLab ▲Thecoder Co., Ltd. ▲DOTHEAL Co., Ltd ▲Banco ▲Nota Inc. ▲BA Energy Co., Ltd. ▲Proxihealthcare Inc. ▲OWLCOMPANY ▲WiseUp Co., Ltd. ▲CoX Space Co., Ltd. ▲EASTERNSKY Corp. ▲DSLAB GLOBAL Inc. ▲Cygbot ▲PARTICLE Co., Ltd ▲Nexton Co., Ltd ▲7Mengineering ▲Virtual vision ▲ZETABANK Co., Ltd ▲DYNAIR KOREA Co., Ltd ▲NewLayer Co., Ltd ▲M3 Solutions Co., Ltd. ▲HUWANT ▲Pixelro ▲GNS Mobileance.Co.Ltd. ▲ENERCAMP Co., Ltd. ▲Daeyoung Chaevi Co., Ltd ▲ASLA Tech ▲Leaders Rehab Robot Co., Ltd ▲UNDE Co., Ltd ▲IGIS ▲Insolmnt inc. ▲ONESOFTDIGM ▲IVY GROUP ▲ZEST Co., Ltd ▲Macroact ▲Baybiotech ▲SOFTPV Inc. ▲Awesomelab ▲BLUEFEEL ▲Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd. ▲Lui.Technology, Inc. ▲Goonies ▲G.DRONE ▲Kinetic Lab ▲Asleep ▲This is engineering Inc. ▲MEZOO ▲RealTime MediCheck ▲Miracle Healthcare ▲Designovel ▲WATA ▲Salin ▲SIDHub ▲Lillycover ▲Magpie Tech ▲HHS ▲HnB Genomics ▲SeoHyun Fresh Lab ▲Planet Savior AR ▲BON SYSTEMS ▲SPINTEK ▲TERAON

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