[CES 2021 GCA] VRotein announces AR-based putting training service TourPutt... To make CES a spurt to overseas markets
[ Jane Lee 2021-01-07 ]  

VRotein will participate in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021, the world's largest technology exhibition, to showcase TourPutt, its AR-based putting training service.

VRotein, a VR total solution company founded in 2012, developed an augmented reality-based putting solution called TourPutt by using projection mapping technologies and VR and AR-related technologies accumulated so far, and has been in sales and service business since 2020.

TourPutt team is a product jointly developed with Choi Jong-hwan Putting Academy, Korea's best putting teaching institute, to allow amateurs and professionals to more systematically train putting, an important skill that accounts for about 40% of the golf score. Choi Jong-hwan, who is better known as the putting coach of top domestic tour pros such as Pros Kim A-lim and Lee Jeong-eun, the winners of the US Women's Open held at the LPGA Tour in the US, and other pros like Lee So-young, Gang Gyeong-nam, and Song Young-han, participated deeply from the planning stage of the product. The putting training equipment and service TourPutt was developed by using augmented reality, projection mapping, AI and deep learning technology.

TourPutt diagnoses the golfer's putting pattern through the pattern test function and provides numerical statistics to help identify his or her strengths and weaknesses. The test is conducted on a 5-meter diameter green inclined with a 3% slope, and by putting 12 times at 1, 1.5 and 2M distances which makes a total of 36 times, you can check the success rate by slope type and distance. Also, in the case of a failed putt, it restores the putting line and helps to find the cause of the failure.

The ball-tracking function tracks the trajectory of the ball leaving the putter in real time and projects it onto the artificial turf, through which the ball's cloud can be visually checked and trained. (Visual Cueing)

The company staff said, "All putts attempted in the pattern test and training mode are automatically saved and managed in statistics, and it helps to set and manage individual training goals. We want to advance to the US, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia as well as in Korea, and we hope to cooperate with large distributors who will be responsible for distributing our products locally."

He continued, "Because of COVID-19, we cannot take overseas business trips, so we have limited the service area to Korea, and we participated in the CES 2021 exhibition to secure distributors with priority targeting the US market, which is the No. 1 golf market. In the first half of 2021, we plan to release a product that can be self-assembled so that it can be made smaller and used at homes or putting teaching institutions that do not have much space."

Gyeonggi Contents Agency has been participating in CES every year since 2019, and this year, it will support the online exhibition of 12 companies located in Gyeonggi-do to participate in CES 2021. This project has been set up to help start-ups strengthen their business execution capabilities and maximize marketing effect. The companies participating in the CES 2021 Gyeonggi Content Agency Pavilion are as follows. △GoodByeCar △dear.archidect △DI Electronics △GenieRobot △The2H △Emotionwave △Coconut Silo △Mand.ro △Vroteinn △Cebien △yellowknife △Strig

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