[CES 2021 SEOUL] AIVAR says "myFiit is an essential solution for the post-COVID e-commerce market"
[ Jane Lee 2021-01-04 ]  

AIVAR will participate in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021, the world's largest technology exhibition, to showcase myFiit solution to the overseas market for the first time.

MyFiit is AIVAR's core service which skims through user's body with two photos, and then recommends the right clothes for them, with the information on where to repair the clothes.

The company staff said, "Our solution is a simple measurement solution for the body by using a smartphone. By taking photographs of the front and side of the user with a smartphone, body sizes of six areas will be measured within 10 seconds. Based on this information, we recommend the size that fits the user, and also the information on repair.

He then said, "CES 2021 will be a milestone for us. For AIVAR, it will be the first exhibition in the trade show and also the first official stage to showcase overseas. Through this opportunity, we would like to raise awareness of the solution and meet various partners to lay the foundation for overseas expansion."

He then expressed his ambition, saying, "AIVAR will continue to develop solutions that connect customers and fashion brand distributors in the future by providing solutions necessary for the e-commerce market in the post-COVID era."

Continuing from last year, Seoul Metropolitan City has set up Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 this year as well. It will be promoting 15 outstanding companies selected in the three areas of △Transportation·Environment, △Safety·Welfare, and △Economy·Living. These companies have been selected through the evaluation of their abilities to enter the overseas market, and they will be provided with the expenses to participate in the CES online exhibition, and also with the opportunity to participate in the first Live CES Seoul event held by the global investor Plug-and-Play. Visitors can check the 15 participating companies and programs at the CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion at smartseoul.net.

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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