Kakao Makers hits accumulated transaction of 300 billion won
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-30 ]  

■ Kakao Makers surpassed KRW 300 billion in cumulative transactions after four years and nine months of launching the service

■ Developed into a trusted platform by providing sales channels, marketing support, and fantastic curation for small and medium brands in Korea

Leapt to a platform that practices eco-friendliness across products and services

On November 30, Kakao Commerce (CEO Hong Eun-taek) announced that the order-based production platform Kakao Makers hit the accumulated transaction of 300 billion won as of November in four years and nine months since the launch of the service.

In April 2019, Kakao Makers hit 100 billion won in cumulative sales and achieved a cumulative transaction amount of 300 billion won in one year and seven months.

Kakao Makers was first introduced in February 2016, and it changed the manufacturing paradigm of mass production and mass consumption by reducing inventory through the order-based manufacturing method, and to solve the inconveniences consumers experience in everyday life by using idea products. It then merged with Kakao Commerce in December 2019, and it is continuing to grow by solidifying the order-based production business model.

The growth of Kakao Makers seems to be due to the fact that it is gaining trust from sellers and consumers through ▲providing sales channels for domestic small and medium-sized brands ▲outstanding product sourcing ▲curation services that convey the value of products and brands.

Kakao Makers has sold about 10.09 million products by providing production opportunities to 3,100 manufacturers and creators since the start of business until November of this year. It is providing the platform and marketing support to make connections between the customers and SMEs in Korea that have good products but are having difficulty in finding sales channels.

One great example is the Vitamin Shower Filter from H201, which has become a steady seller of Kakao Makers. It has sold 210,000 units from 2017 to the present, with a total sales of 4.2 billion won. Also, Rico Kitchen, the seller of homemade grilled sandwiches, had a 400% increase in sales from July to November compared to the first half of this year since entering the platform in June 2020. The new menu launched last October surpassed 10,000 pieces in just one month.

It has also gained customers' trust through outstanding product sourcing and curation. Kakao Makers is discovering products that can solve the inconvenience of life that previous products have not solved, or products that can discover individual tastes, and presenting them to consumers.

Also, when the products are not listed in simple order when introducing the products. Focusing on how to solve the inconveniences of existing products as well as detailed explanations, the good points of the products are emphasized even more by combining the efforts of manufacturers and creators and the value of the products.

Thanks to this curation method, the average purchase satisfaction of the customers is about 90%. By November 2020, about 1.47 million people ordered the products, and the order success rate was 99%, making it a loyal platform.

Kakao Makers is advancing to an eco-friendly platform through its own PB brand Makers Prime. By showcasing the products like jeans made with less water and packages made with eco-friendly materials that took the effect on the environment in the entire process of materials-production-delivery (packaging)-usage (upcycling) into account, it is transforming into the brand that practices the eco-friendliness in an active way.

In the future, Kakao Makers plans to lead the creation of an eco-friendly commerce ecosystem by expanding the lineup of eco-friendly products. The company staff of Kakao Makers said, "We successfully established the order-based production business model that was not common at the time of launching Kakao Makers, and at the same time, through the trust of our partners and customers, we have made the meaningful cumulative transaction amount of 300 billion won. We will help the brands that make good products and develop the platform that considers eco-friendliness throughout the product and service."

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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