Daegu Machinery Expo serves the role of smart factory information platform
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-26 ]  

- Presenting a new milestone in the smart factory emphasized due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Smart factories are re-emerging as the solution to reduce labor costs and operate factories efficiently for manufacturing companies who are seeking stable production and considering reshoring to protect themselves from COVID threats. Smart factory solution suppliers participating in Daegu Machinery Expo which opened on November 24 are presenting a new milestone in digital transformation to respond to COVID-19 and reshoring trends. This exhibition is a comprehensive machinery, parts and robot exhibition which integrated Daegu Automatic Machinery Expo, Parts & Materials Show, and Daegu Robot Expo.

Smart factories can convert all processes into data through manufacturing applications such as MES, ERP, PLM, and SCM, and the collected and analyzed data contributes to productivity improvement, labor cost reduction, and operation optimization. At Daegu Automatic Machinery Expo (DAMEX 2020), manufacturing application companies such as Samin Control System, Wizard Information System, IT Factory, Rayworld, Lime, and Nexa, and Daegu TP, Daegu Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, and Smart Factory Supply Association jointly participated by forming Smart Factory Special Hall. In the past, exhibition halls related to smart factories past focused on providing solutions from the perspective of "manufacturing innovation." But now in the special hall successfully shares the "advanced smart factory" implementation solution that will connect manufacturing from the viewpoint of responding to the trends of Industry 4.0 and preparing for the future after COVID-19.

Recently, the government has divided the level of advancement of smart factories into the first step of upgrading the "real-time level analysis of production information" and the second step of upgrading the "real-time production process control." In order to build and operate a smart factory, industrial devices such as robots, sensors, 3D printing, and IoT-based networks are required. These infrastructures become hardware for operating smart factories in the best condition, and the tool to collect, analyze, and test data.

At Daegu Robot Expo (ROBEX 2020), industrial robots, collaborative robots, and various industrial device manufacturers and suppliers participated to introduce the connectivity between physical factories and digital twins, and industrial devices and network technologies that contribute to the optimization of smart factory operations. Until last year, ROBEX was held on the third floor of EXCO, but this year, it was held on the first floor together with DAMEX 2020 and Parts & Materials Show, making it convenient for visitors to see automation solution, parts material trends, and various robot technologies in one place.

It is important to analyze and categorize smart manufacturing know-how suitable for SMEs and provide platform services based on this in order to convert support for SME smart factories from indiscreet expansion to focusing on quality. In this year's Daegu Machinery Expo, ICT platform solution providers such as CPS operation and big data management technology participated to share measures to reduce the trial and error of smart factory construction by SMEs. With this, exhibitors that have been focusing only on promoting products explained how their products can contribute to the operation of smart factories in the perspective of system integration, and actively promoted how it can integrate with the manufacturing applications, robots, and factory automation machines.

EXCO, the exhibition secretariat, said, "Even though many SMEs want to build smart factories, they are burdened by the scope of construction and enormous investment costs. In this show, we can share information about building smart factories that are suitable for SMEs that cannot handle advanced and intelligent system and manufacturing innovation solutions."

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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